Children are not Stupid..

Smart Children 2

Accordingly, as adults I believe that it is our responsibility to stop lying to “our” children, ..especially in times concerning traumatic events and uncertainty.

Yes, ..the world we live in is a violent place. With that said; I would also like to say that the world is a “wonderful place” where sanity and compassion are still in the majority.

When I was a child, ..maybe three or four years old, I had a personal problem with my parents closing my bedroom door at night when my light was off, ..because I had two “older” brothers who (assured me) that there were monsters, ..both under my bed, ..and in my closet.

A reality and a fear that gripped me to my core until I had a conversation with my grandfather about the monsters that resided in my closet, ..and under my bed.

My parents, as parents do, took an evening for themselves, (a good thing). As parents, especially responsible devoted parents, (as my parents were) ..deserved (their time), much, ..if not more? ..than non-parents.

At bedtime, my grandfather, ..who was at the time, ..dutifully (grandchildren) sitting, ..tucked me, ..turned out my light and then proceeded to close my door when I blurted out; “Mom leaves my door open.” Believing of course that since my grandfather wasn’t familiar with our family’s routine, ..he wouldn’t know that I was “fibbing.”

You’re absolutely right, ..we Homo sapiens begin lying pretty much around the same time we learn to walk and talk. So for most of us, by the time we’re adults, ..lying, ..and/or (fibbing) is as natural as breathing.

Who knows? Lying may even be in our DNA.

Instead of ignoring me and closing my door, my grandfather turned my light back on and looked at me with an identifiable directness that let me know that he was there to help.

He immediately returned to my bedside, took me by the hand and led me to my closet, ..where he exposed the fact that there were no monsters to be seen. Of course, ..since it was my belief that the monsters were only in the closet after the lights were turned out, ..I responded with; “You can’t see monsters with the lights are on.”

Accordingly, my grandfather sent me to the light switch by my door, where I was instructed to place it in the off position. Which of course, ..since I was standing near enough to my door to escape into the light in the hallway, ..I followed my grandfather’s instructions, ..and turned out my light.

At which point, my grandfather, after waiting an (appropriate) moment, ..stalwartly declared; “I don’t see any monsters.”

To which of course I responded with an uncertain; “They’re probably under my bed?”

My grandfather then went to my bed and knelt in a manner as to allow himself to view beneath my bed and again had me turn out my light, ..and again my grandfather declared; “I don’t see any monsters.”

 Sully and Mike 2

 Because there were no Monsters.

My grandfather had told me the truth. My brothers had lied to me, they were the monsters. Not literally, ..albeit since literal is indistinguishable by most four-year-olds, the monsters had been real to me until my grandfather set me straight.

 holy Bible 1

John 8.32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

If you are an adult, truly concerned about children, whether a child that survived the Sandy Hook atrocity, or a child simply afraid of the dark? Stop filling children’s heads with fantasy and misinformation…

 Obama wrippin the Constitution.1a jpg 

..or they could grow up to commit atrocities

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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