arm wrestling 1a

According to Webster: “ri·val·ry,” The act of competing.

Human beings, ..as “all animals” ..on the planet, ..were and are meant to compete!

The genus, “Homo sapiens,” whether created by “God,” ..or via “evolution,” ..depending on how “you,” ..as an (individual) have been raised, ..and/or, ..programmed? ..is mandated, by both God and nature to be both self-reliant and responsible.

According to Webster: “self-re·li·ance,” Reliance on one’s own capabilities, judgment, or resources; independent.

According to Webster: “re·spon·si·ble,” To give account, as for one’s actions or of the discharge of a duty or trust.

 Spartan soldier 1

According to Webster: “Spar·tan,” (in context) Courageous in the face of danger, or adversity.

wimpy liberal 2

According to Webster: “wimp,” (in context) A person who is regarded as ineffectual.

A quality, ..and/or, ..attribute ..that ..(at least in my opinion), “currently” seems to be (running rampant) in the structure of “both” ..our society, ..and our government.

Which, of course, ..(at least in my considered opinion,) ..both seem to be hell-bent on destroying competition, ..not only in America, ..but around the world as well.

Our representatives who work behind closed doors, ..and/or in the shadows, (in my humble opinion) represent the (worst) and (least) in our society.

According to Webster: “worst,” Most inferior, as in quality, condition, or effect.

According to Webster: “least,” Lowest in importance or rank.

 Shakespeare's Julius Caesar dea

A line from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” “Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.”

Therefore, alluding to the (fact) that (more than half) of the people that voted in November’s general election chose to retain our current, (I’ll promise you anything) ..Commander-in-Chief, ..I sincerely hope that “they,” ..the ..(free lunch,) and/or, ..(food-stamp bunch,) ..are ready to lose what little they have to fund another frolicking four years for Barack and Michelle?

Have a nice day…


Crusader Rabbit…

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