Honest Answer..

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According to Webster: “hon·es·ty,” The quality or condition of being honest; integrity; truthfulness; sincerity.

According to Webster: “an·swer.” A spoken or written reply, as to a question.

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Question: “How can I get started writing a blog?” 

honest answer 1

Stop writing to people like me, asking; “How can I get started writing a blog?” ..and Google: “Free Blog Sites.” ..then follow the simple, ..at least, ..(simple enough for a Septuagenarian) instructions, ..provided by the site, ..and then you will, ..as I did, ..have completed the first step.

As for content? I simply write about things that I know about, and/or, ..things that I’m interested in. Things such as; (which of course may sound silly to some?) ..life, ..liberty, ..and the pursuit of happiness.

Keep your blather simple, ..which is not necessarily to say; “Keep it short.” If your purpose is to provide information? Be clear and precise, ..(the world, ..and/or “people” ..get more than enough misinformation from their respective (legitimate) news organizations.

As I have related on many, many occasions, I am a simple person, ..which is not to say that I am either “slow of wit, ..or stupid.”

As example: For me personally, ..as (previously mentioned,) I am a “Septuagenarian” …

According to Webster: “sep·tu·a·ge·nar·i·an,” A person who is 70 years old or between the ages of 70 and 80.


..afflicted with a fair, ..and/or ..(unfair) “amount” of arthritis in both hands, ..accordingly within the first week’s of my entry into the blogosphere, ..I (joyously) ..invested in “Nuance’s” Dragon, (Naturally Speaking) program, ..eleventh edition. Which of course I upgraded to version 11.5, ..as soon as it came available. I am currently using version 12.

Accordingly, if your typing skills are near the same bottom rung of the ladder as mine, ..and you don’t have a problem with doing yourself a favor? “Dragon Naturally Speaking” is the best invention since sliced bread.

It also helps, (at least in my opinion,) ..if you “truly” enjoy words.

According to Webster: “tru·ly,” Sincerely; genuinely.

It also helps, (at least in my opinion,) to employ a “gimmick,” and/or ..(device) ..to become identified with.

According to Webster: “de·vice,” A contrivance or invention serving a particular purpose.

There is no “thesaurus” for gimmick. 

As always, ..I’ve had fun this morning, ..how about you?


Crusader Rabbit…

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