Congratulatory Milestone..

According to Webster: “con·grat“u·la·to”ry.” To express joy or acknowledgment, for achievement.

According to Webster: “mile·stone,” An important event, as in a person’s career, the history of a nation, or the advancement of knowledge in a field; a turning point.

Question: Who am I congratulating this morning?


After twenty-one months of (near flawless) service from, this past week (someone) “unidentified,” made a (decision) reformat, ..and/or change, ..the way their program works.

..a “CHANGE,” ..that (some of us) “conservatives,” and/or, “old folks,” ..don’t handle so well.

Alluding now, to one of my favorite expressions; …

 don't fix it.2 jpg

Being one of the inhabitants of the earth that is slow to learn in the realm of technology, I was sailing on calm waters until this last week, when, as I mentioned earlier, (someone) who I readily admit is far superior to me and my knowledge in the field of (computer and cyberspace) technology, dropped an unappreciated stone in my pond.

A stone with sharp edges, ..edges that are presently causing the (import media) facility, ..not to facilitate.

Accordingly, although I have hated untangling snarled lines since my first (bate casting real) when I was seven, because I’m not good at it, ..I delved into WordPress’s (help) page.

Were I eleven, instead of 71, ..I may have understood some of what I was reading? However, I am not 11, was all Greek to me, ..and I don’t speak Greek.

 support 1

According to Webster: “sup·port,” (in context) To aid the cause, policy, or interests of.

On’s homepage, they offer; “reliability,” “performance,” ..and “security,” ..along with an account manager, ..a store for shopping, ..along with resources like webmail, ..who’s searching, ..ICANN confirmation, ..affiliates, legal, ..and Go Daddy tech center. Followed by; SUPPORT, to include telephone support and sales, ..product support, ..discussion forums, ..user groups, ..submit a support ticket, suggestions, ..and report abuse.

Albeit, ..the one thing, ..doesn’t offer, is (any information) (how to contact) “telephone support,” “product support,” ..”discussion forum,” ..”user groups, ..or anything else.

Thus, ..after “riding” their revolving door until it was apparent that I wasn’t getting (anywhere), ..I moseyed over to Google and type in; “phone number or contact for”

Which brought me to a page entitled; (36 hours fix).

First line on the page; “Get WordPress bugs/issues solved from $19. Fix your issues in minutes.

..and had I won the Lottery last week, I (would not) have hesitated to click on NEXT, ..but I didn’t win the Lottery last week, ..or ever!

The sad truth, I am a financially challenged Septuagenarian scraping by (thirty days) at a time on the pittance, ..and/or, (myopic portion) of the Social Security fund that Congress, in its infinite wisdom, ..has decided that I can live on.

While (they) “Congress” allow themselves a minimum salary of $173,000 a year, ..which is paid out of the “general fund,” and/or, ..(the U.S. Treasury).

In 1958, the U.S. Congress, initiated and passed a bill to attach the Social Security fund to the general fund, ..and/or, to (the U.S. Treasury).

Which of course has no bearing on the fact that the; (insert media) facility in my WordPress site, (not functioning) properly.

Anyway, since I don’t have $19 (extra) to speak to a “tech” at WordPress, ..being aware that WordPress employs “people” to monitor those of us that avail ourselves of their generosity by allowing (us) to issue our thoughts and opinions on “what ever?” no fee.

I have decided to take the path less traveled to inform the good folks at “” that I would sure appreciate it, ..if (someone) ..and it doesn’t have to be the (same one) that introduced the new format, ..would (ASAP) look into my problem.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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