Where’s yo momma, ..when you need her?

George 1a

George “Duba” Bush speaking this week in Dallas to a “Federal Reserve” group, ..stated; “We are working to free people from ignorance.”

damn right I'm angry 1a

talking about ignorance

Once again, ..for the remaining “Ignorant,” ..and/or “down-right Stupid” ..the “Federal Reserve Banking System,” that prints and distributes our currency, ..is (unequivocally) ..the most detrimental, (constitutionally illegal) ..act ever passed by the U.S. Congress.

Question: When are you going to wake up people? Get your heads out of your cell phones and pay attention. You are on your way down the…

 down the drain 1

why 3

 ignorance, that's why

Why does the American public refuse to understand that it is (NOT) ..the “President or the Congress,” ..that is “destroying” America, ..it is (your) ignorance, ..the public’s ignorance that is destroying America.

The Federal Reserve Banking System, and/or, the (FED), is a private (for profit) Corporation.

On November 6, 2012, the voting population of America (damned) the GOP candidate, Mitt Romney for having too much money.

Mitt Romney, ..who’s “reported wealth” is said to be (two hundred and fifty million dollars), “earned” his (two hundred and fifty million dollars) ..by providing a “service.”

 legal service 2

The Federal Reserve, (by their own numbers) are reported to have (earned) and/or, ripped “the American people off for $286 Billion dollars, ..yes that’s billion with a “B,” in 2010, by providing a service.

 illegal service 1

Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution, states that Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.

In 1935, the Supreme Court ruled that Congress cannot constitutionally delegate its power to another group.

and of story

America is on its way to financial ruin because of the Federal Reserve banking system, ..a “private” (for profit) Corporation is printing and issuing America’s currency, ..at (little or no cost to themselves).

Question: What are Federal Reserve notes based on?

Federal Reserve notes are based on the tax revenues collected from American citizens, (our treasury).

The fed loans us our own money at an interest rate decided by the fed.

In other words, ..for the (chronic) “ignorant,” ..and/or “Super Stupid,” ..to include our current administration, ..and every administration since Woodrow Wilson, ..with the individual exception of the Kennedy administration, have done nothing to correct this violation of our Constitution.

Imagine if you will? I borrow a dollar from you, ..or a hundred dollars, ..the amount doesn’t matter.

Then, I loan you (your dollar,) ..or your (one hundred dollars) at an interest rate that I decide upon.

Editorial: Currently our teleprompter reading buffoons are having a heyday with Washington’s inability, ..and/or, refusal to deal with what (they,) ..our teleprompter reading buffoons, affectionately refer to as America’s fiscal Cliff.

 fiscal Cliff 2a

The fiscal Cliff, ..is a joke, ..not a funny joke, ..albeit a joke nonetheless, ..as is the Obama administration, ..our inept Congress, ..and every inept, ..and/or, (ignorant) American citizen that voted for Barack Obama.

Think about it, ..with both sides of your brain.


Crusader Rabbit…

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