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Good morning, another change of pace today. Over the past few weeks (six to eight) email has been inundated with annoying requests to connect with; …


Turning the clock back a couple a months, ..I received an email from my youngest daughter, (by mistake) ..inviting me to join an upscale, and/or, “concentrated” (web service) that identifies itself as “Linkedin.”

According to Webster: con·cen·trat·ed, To direct or draw toward a common center; focus.

My daughter is a wonderful individual, ..and I love her dearly, (academically bright) beyond my wildest imagination, ..albeit, (at least in my opinion) ..lacking in time-tested, “old-school” common sense.

According to my daughter and her peers, if it didn’t come out of a textbook, can’t possibly be valid.

Of course to be fair, ..since “our” Presidential election on November 6, “last,” ..when the (free lunch bunch) reelected Barack Obama, daughter, (who also voted for Barack Obama) is now in the majority of “good decent well-meaning” folks, ..that, ..via “academia,” (at least in my humble opinion,) don’t understand that you can’t pay off your Visa, ..with your MasterCard.

 common sense RIP

Being (both) from the “Old School,” and a (Septuagenarian), at seven years old, (usual) day, ..included feeding Mike and Trixie, ..our (Capra aegagrus hircus) ..and/or, ..domestic goats, ..our (common barnyard variety) ..chickens, ..and our (Oryctolagus cuniculus,) ..and/or, ..American White (bunny) rabbits, ..before collecting breakfast from the henhouse.

 Chuck and Trixie 2a

 Me and Trixie, (Circa 1948)

Then after breakfast, was off to school, ..six miles across one of the most beautiful panoramic valleys that God ever created. (Thousand Oaks, California, ..before the hordes).

According to Webster: “horde,” A large group or crowd.

After school, was watering the tree row, ..and feeding the animals again, ..then changing out of my sneakers into boots fit for the terrain. Beans, ..potatoes, ..and biscuit flower were purchased from our local grocery, ..while the Lions share of the meat on our dinner table came from the crack of my J.C. Higgins .22 caliber rifle.

Question: Was it a difficult life? Honest answer; “I have no idea.” However I can assert with confidence that compared to wearing my thumbs out on a miniscule keyboard trying to keep pace with a “public” that doesn’t know the difference between a butter churn and a bean stock, ..I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything.

So what if I didn’t have a cell phone or an iPad, I understood the value of work, responsibility and self-reliance. Traits that have served me extremely well for 70 years now.

Returning to my “focus” for today, ..(annoying emails) ..from “Linkedin,” ..inviting me to browse their membership to see if I might run across someone I know? ..fat chance!

Linkedin, I reported earlier, a service site for, ..(if not the elite) ..definitely for the educated.

Not that I have anything against educated people, (other than those who subscribe to progressive liberal ideology) that stems from academia.

Yes, (I am fully aware) that there are conservative folks that hold sheepskins for one thing and another, ..and that’s good. Nevertheless, it could be better if conservative minded folks took a break now and then to smell something other than a double Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino.

Anyway, ..driven by my interest in what makes life’s wheels turn, ..after receiving a LinkedIn request from a young fellow, (ten years my junior) ..who last summer commented on one of my blogs, an “academic” gentleman from the U.K., versed in the flight 103, Lockerbie tragedy, December 21, 1988.

A request that I respected with a reply, not so much because I have an interest in the Lockerbie bombing, ..but rather, due to the fact, ..that I have an interest in the folks that have read and commented on my blog.

Which of course brings me to the individual that inspired me to compose the previous five pages of blather….

 Nancy Lublin 2

 Nancy Lublin

Nancy Lublin, the CEO at ( who impresseded me,  (and that isn’t easy) ..with the following paragraph; …

“There is only “on” and “off.” You are either playing the game and actively trying to win–or you are losing. If you think you can “half-ass” your way through life and work, you are just biding time until the blue ghosts eat you. So live life in the “on” or just go home.

Kudos yo Nancy 

Check out Nancy’s site, ..and since we haven’t actually gone over the “fiscal Cliff” yet, ..make a donation, ..thank you.

Have a great day, ..I’ll be back tomorrow

6274894_std Crusader Rabbit…

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