Cutting to the Chase..

cut to the chase 1a

 “Cut to the chase” is a saying that means to get to the point without wasting time.

Hal Roach senior 1 Hal Roach senior

The phrase originated from early silent films. It was a favorite of and thought to have been coined by Hal Roach Senior, (January 14, 1892 – November 2, 1992).

Films, particularly comedies, often climaxed in chase scenes to add to film time. Some inexperienced screenwriter or director, unsure how to get to the climax or the lack of script to meet time requirements, would just make an abrupt transition, known as a cut.

An earlier version of the phrase was Cut to Hecuba. This refers to the practice of shortening matinée performances of Hamlet by cutting the long speeches before the reference to Hecuba in Act II, Scene ii. (source Wikipedia).

With our recent election on November 6, ..when America’s (free lunch bunch) ..reelected Barack Obama to keep their entitlements in place, ..the message was “loud and clear.”

 from the womb to the tomb 1a

 We don’t want a country that offers opportunity, ..we want a country that supports us from, ..

in the womb 1 (2)

 …the womb,

headstone - white the tomb.

So, ..why don’t we, “We the People,” (cut to the chase) and (go all the way) ..let Barack Obama..

 Obama wrippin the Constitution.1a jpg up the Constitution? Think about it, “our” cost savings would be enormous. Without the Constitution dictating what an American citizen can or can’t do, ..we, “We the People,” would “not be obligated” for anything.

Without the U.S. Constitution, ..we “We the People,” wouldn’t need a President, ..a Congress, ..a Secretary of State, Attorney General, ..a Secretary of Defense, ..a Secretary of Education, ..a Secretary of Transportation, ..we wouldn’t need a Secretary of Anything.

..and most importantly, “we” wouldn’t need to pay taxes!!!


..all “we” would need, a Colt, ..a Smith & Wesson, ..or a

 Winchester Abilene

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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