The Nature of the Beast..

First, (at least in my opinion) it is important to understand, (who) ..or (what,) ..the “Beast” is?


 According to Webster: beast, …

1. An animal other than a human being.

2. Animal nature as opposed to intellect or spirit.

3. A brutal, contemptible person.

Going first with Webster’s number one, “an animal other than a human being.”

Question: What is a human being?

Humans (Homo sapiens) are primates of the family Hominidae, and the only living species of the genus Homo.

They originated in Africa, where they reached anatomical modernity about 200,000 years ago and began to exhibit full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago.

The human lineage diverged from the last common ancestor with its closest living relative, the chimpanzee, some five million years ago, evolving into the Australopithecines and eventually the genus Homo.


The first Homo species to move out of Africa was Homo erectus, the African variety of which, together with Homo heidelbergensis, is considered to be the immediate ancestor of modern humans. Homo sapiens proceeded to colonize the continents, arriving in Eurasia 125,000-60,000 years ago, Australia around 40,000 years ago, the Americas around 15,000 years ago, and remote islands such as Hawaii, Easter Island, Madagascar, and New Zealand between the years AD 300 and 1280.

As early as 12,000 years ago, humans began to practice sedentary agriculture, domesticating plants and animals which allowed for the growth of civilization.

Humans subsequently established various forms of government, religion, and culture around the world, unifying people within a region and leading to the development of states and empires. The rapid advancement of scientific and medical understanding in the 19th and 20th centuries led to the development of fuel-driven technologies and improved health, causing the human population to rise exponentially. With individuals widespread in every continent except Antarctica, humans are a cosmopolitan species, and by 2012, their population was estimated to be around 7 billion.


Humans are characterized by having a large brain relative to body size, with a particularly well developed neocortex, prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes, making them capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, problem solving and culture through social learning. This mental capability, combined with an adaptation to bipedal locomotion that frees the hands for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other living species on Earth.

Humans are the only extant species known to build fires and cook their food, as well as the only known species to clothe themselves and create and use numerous other technologies and arts. The study of humans is the scientific discipline of anthropology.



This is a Walnut.

 This is a Walnut compared to a human brain.

Although the creases and crevices on a Walnut are similar in appearance to a human brain, ..the function of a Walnut, extremely dissimilar to the function of the human brain.



Except when that brain resides in the skull of a Liberal.

In “my humble opinion,” ..this is a good representation of the brain of an average progressive liberal Democrat currently in the employ of the American people.

Moving on…

Humans are uniquely adept at utilizing systems of symbolic communication such as language for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, and organization.

Humans create complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families and kinship networks to states. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society.

Humans are noted for their desire to understand and influence their environment, seeking to explain and manipulate phenomena through science, and philosophy. (Source Wikipedia).

Now that we’ve defined the Beast, ..and looked at what a human being is, ..lets take a look at “Nature.”

According to Webster: na·ture, The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world.

Being a “Septuagenarian” with (personal experience,) ..both with nature, ..and with the beast, (as I ascribe nature and the beast to be). It is (my considered opinion) ..with the reality of a second Barack Obama term in the Oval Office, Americans who wish to survive his onslaught against “our” Constitution, and his onslaught against capitalism, need not sign a petition to secede from the United States as proposed by Texas Governor Rick Perry, ..and like-minded governors of a dozen other states.

Barack Obama’s path in life began with the whispers and teachings of his mother, ..a radical “admitted” atheist, raised by radical Marxist communist parents to believe that the (establishment) ..any (establishment) ..was unfair and unjust.

Question: If ambitious, entrepreneurial capitalists are such demons, ..why is it that when a (free-for-all) progressive liberal wants a roof over his or her head, ..or an automobile to transport themselves, ..they (join) “seeking out” ambitious, entrepreneurial capitalists to provide them with a job?

Wouldn’t it be more true to their (nature) and their (ideology,) “seek out” indigent individual to provide them employment?

According to Webster: in·di·gent, A needy or destitute person; impoverished.

Oh yeah, ..I forgot, ..indigent people sleep in shop doorways and on park benches, ..and they don’t have any money.

After learning that establishments, were “unfair and unjust” from his mother and his grandparents, ..Barack Obama moved on to academia, ..where some of his “chosen” and “favorite” mentors were radical liberal (socialist) professors like “Richard Cloward” and “Frances Fox Piven.” Derrick Bell, ..and the Austro-British philosopher Karl Popper.

For anyone interested in who Richard Cloward was, and who Frances Fox Piven is? You can Google them, ..or you can simply refer to my blog of “March 5, 2012,” ..about (Richard Cloward). ..and my blog of “March 6, 2012,” ..about (Frances Fox Piven). ..and my blogs of “March 10th., and 11th.” 2012, ..about (Derrick Bell) and (Karl Popper). 


Cloward and Piven were stalwart advocates for overloading the government with social entitlements. It was their belief that any government or any establishment could and should be brought down by stressing the system to the breaking point.

A philosophy, ..that is (wholeheartedly) subscribe to by our current Commander-in-Chief, and/or, Pres. Barack Obama.

Barack Obama does (not subscribe) creating jobs for Americans. Barack Obama does (not subscribe) to a strong military. Barack Obama does (not subscribe) a level playing field for the poor. Barack Obama (does subscribe) to destroying America, ..and thanks to stupidity, ..and the (I deserve) mentality of the indigent, ..he is in possession of his weapon of choice; The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (HR-3590) ..and/or, “Obamacare.”

Obamacare is “unaffordable” in the opinion of every rational economist that has read the bill. Obamacare, ..could not be sustained in a thriving economy. Accordingly, ..for those of you who have an understanding of reality

America is beyond broke!

…understand this, ..Obamacare doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of working in a failing economy.

I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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