Change “America” can count on..

Continuing “in the news,” that the “question” to whether or not? ..the CIA’s “after-action report” ..on the (terrorist attack) ..on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi that extinguished four American lives on September 11th., last was changed has been “confirmed” being altered, ..

The question as to (who changed, ..and/or, ..altered the CIA’s report,) ..still remains unanswered.

Question: Who is the one man in Washington D.C. ..who (is) most adamantly and unequivocally opposed to using the words, ..(terrorist), ..and ..(terrorism)?




Talking off the cuff here, would imagine that a man as two-faced as Barack Obama would be capable of governing more than half a nation…


Half a man, ..for half a nation..

I’ll be back when the spirit moves me…

Crusader Rabbit…

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