The Age of Zombies…


Stupid, ..and/or, ..(ignorant people,) ..don’t understand what it takes, ..and/or, ..what is at stake, ..for America’s future with Barack Obama at the helm for another four years. six months when the sheriff is tacking a notice to vacate on their front doors.

Wonder Bread/Hostess, ..due to (irreconcilable differences) with their employees and the Bakers union, presently in the process of liquidating. Which will reportedly add another 18,500 men and women to America’s unemployment rolls.


Question: Does Barack Obama look like a man that gives a damn?

Prior to “our” election in November, ..publishing my blog took considerable time and research. However, since the election my task has become (beyond simple). Because all I have to do now is boot up my computer a couple of times a week and type, … 

Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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