Missiles, Rockets, and Bombs..

Missiles, rockets, and bombs, ..don’t kill people and destroy property, ..”however” (unfortunately) ..selfish (wrongheaded) ideology does.

According to Webster: wrong-head·ed, Stubbornly defiant of what is right or reasonable; obstinately perverse in judgment or opinion.


According to Webster: per·verse, (in context) Marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict.

In 2008 Barack Obama told the American people that he would bring the country together, and that he would be open and transparent, ..and lead “all” Americans to a better life.

He didn’t even come close…


Turning the clock back, (according to my father) ..a simple hard-working man, “responsible” and “self-reliant.

My father would advise; “First and foremost, ..an individual, (man) or (woman,) ..must be interested and involved in the task.

Question: Where has Barack Obama, (our brave leader) and commander in chief, ..been this last week while the “terrified” citizens of Israel have been dodging Hamas missiles?



 On a goodwill tour across Southeast Asia.

A “pertinent” question for Jewish Americans that voted for Barack Obama: …


 “How do you feel about your choice this morning Jon?”

I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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