In my youth, ..and/or, a boy, ..and/or, ..(fondly recalled) as “the good old days.” The Sunday Times, ..New York or Los Angeles, didn’t matter as long as it came wrapped in the funnies.

Beetle Bailey, Dagwood and Blondie, Snuffy Smith, ..and of course, ..Garfield. Not that I was anywhere near first in line, but then, now, ..I was a patient individual, willing to wait until both of my (me orientated) older brothers had their turn.


Which of course, ..has a (great deal) do with why; “I am a conservative.”


No other President in the two hundred and thirty-six year history of the United States has run up a higher deficit in a shorter period of time than Barack Obama, ..nor has any American President done more to disrespect and dismantle the U.S. Constitution.


Barack Obama accomplished absolutely nothing in his first term to better America or provide opportunities for American citizens. Barack Obama is a single-minded selfish individual who has never helped anyone other than himself and those that he needs to further his agenda.


America will survive Barack Obama, albeit it is doubtful, (at least in my opinion) that the brain-dead half of America who voted for him will ever come to understand what is going to take place over the next four years, is not George W. Bush’s fault, ..nor will it be the fault of the Republican controlled House.

The next four years belong to Barack Obama, who of course (in my considered opinion) “is” ..the most devastating entity ever to set foot on American soil.

Think about it my (conservative) friends, I’ll be back…

Crusader Rabbit…

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