Question of the day..

How many of you reading my blather this morning believe that Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt would have stood in front of the American people and the world and announced:

“I believe that Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Teddy, understanding the definition of the word “ally” would have bellowed: “The rockets being fired into Israel stop right now, ..or you will feel the wrath of my stick.

Question: “Why do you suppose that Teddy Roosevelt would have stood firm in support of an ally, ..and/or, ..friend?

In my opinion, having been interested in America’s early history and the individuals that (all true Americans) can be unequivocally proud of, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt is one of my favorite people.

In May,1904, a man by the name “Ion Perdicaris,” American living in Tangiers, and an Englishman , Cromwell Varley, were kidnapped in Morocco.

The kidnapper, a known bandit named Mulay Hamid El Raisuli (Lord of the Riff, Sultan to the Berbers), was demanding ransom and President Roosevelt expected the Moroccan government to intervene.

When the Moroccan government’s response was less than desired, Roosevelt ordered a military presence to the area, sending the U.S. Navy off the coast of Tangier to make a statement.

The potential threat of an American landing worked and the Moroccan Sultan used his influence with the kidnapper to force the release of Perdicaris and Varley.

In 1975, Metro Goldwyn Mayer in cooperation with Columbia Pictures produced an epic film entitled: “The Wind and the Lion.”


The film starred Sean Connery, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith and John Houston. The film was based “loosely” (to say the least) ..on the 1904 Pericaris – Varley incident.

According to Webster: loose“ly  Not literal or exact: a loose translation; Uninhibited.

Ion Perdicaris in real life was bald, fat and in his mid-sixties, he was not an attractive woman with two children.

No invasion took place, ..the marines never set foot on shore and never fired a shot.

Nevertheless, ..the incident made for a colorful story and a damn good movie.

Anyway, due to this movie, ..many people believe that Teddy invaded Morocco, ..albeit, (in truth), ..he did not.

He didn’t have to because America was both respected and feared as the most powerful nation on the planet.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick” worked.

With the “big stick” of the U. S. Navy on their doorstep, ..the “soft” ..but “bold” message was “heeded” by the Sultan of Morocco and the matter was settled without violence, and/or diplomatically.

The hostages were released, ..and not one drop of blood was shed.

There are devastating life threatening missiles being fired by Islamic “Hamas” terrorists from the Gaza Strip into Israel as I bang away at my keyboard, ..and according to “our” (myopic) “teleprompter reading buffoons” this morning “our” brave…


…(always at the ready) ..Commander-in-Chief is gladhanding and chatting with leaders in Southeast Asia.


Question: “In his mind, ..what “country” you think Barack Obama believes he is President of?

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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