Administrative Cluster Cluck..

America’s teleprompter reading buffoons continue this morning with…


Which of course, to anyone in touch with “common sense” and “reality” understands to mean; “More of the same (crap) that (they), ..(America’s teleprompter reading buffoons) want you to believe, ..the same as (they) did “yesterday” ..and “the day before!”

Cluck, cluck, cluck, (forced to retire for the sake of morality), ..General David Petraeus who strayed from his nest to make hay with a hen from a neighboring barnyard, cluck, cluck, cluck…

My first question: “Who really gives a damn?

My second question: Other than Petraeus’s wife, ..and possibly her divorce attorney, ..who’s business is it?

But then hey, ..ya gotta love a country with such high moral values.

You’d never catch a powerful high-ranking man in Europe with his pants down. Carmela was simply helping Charles verify the thread count in the Royal sheets.

As for the advertisement: “That half, and/or 50%, of all marriages in the U.S., ..end in divorce, ..because of the statistics indicating that 1.2 million, ..of the 2.4 million marriages occurring yearly in the U.S., ..end in divorce.

Of course, ..every site I logged on to in search of a “real,” and/or, “correct” ..answer was so (ambiguous) ..that I was actually beginning to believe that the information, ..and/or “misinformation” ..that was provided, ..was provided by a congressional committee.

According to Webster: am·big·u·ous, 1. Open to more than one interpretation: 2. Doubtful or uncertain.


 Congress, ..doubtful and/or ..uncertain!

Which of course, (at least in my opinion) not the reason that our news media, and/or, “teleprompter reading buffoons” provide us with our daily misinformation, and/or “abject lies.”

According to Webster: ab·ject, 1.Brought low in condition or status. 2. Being of the most contemptible kind.

“Our” (misinformation) and (abject lies) are provided with purpose and forethought by the “Good Folks” ..who (own) and (issue) “our” money, ..and/or, ..the “Federal Reserve Banking System,” ..and/or, ..the Rothschild family and the bank of England.

Question: What is it about the word (stupid) that (as of Nov. 6, of this year,) ..half of all American citizens don’t seem to understand?

But not to worry Folks, ..come January 1, ..(in just a few short weeks) ..when sequestration goes into effect,…


According to Webster: school, (in context)  The process of being educated formally, especially education constituting a planned series of courses over a number of years. be exact!

To download the following graphic for posterity, left click on the graphic, choose (save picture as) click again, and your task is complete.


As of yesterday’s report that “Wonder Bread” and “Hostess” products are officially extinct, ..we can chalk up another “Roaring Success” for increasing unemployment in the U.S. by the Obama administration.

America can now add another 18,500 Americans to the 23 million Americans without employment or underemployed.

But again, not to worry folks, ..your union representatives are going to be fine.

Long live the unions..

..and long live the King.

Think about it, I’ll be back

Crusader Rabbit…

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