A Light at the end of the Tunnel..

 ..and beyond!

In the year 2040, Sam Gordon, presently living in Salt Lake City will be 37 years old. Sam, ..albeit virtually unknown at present, ..beyond the city limits of Salt Lake City that is, will, at least, (in my humble opinion,) ..from my research could be the most viable presidential candidate ever discovered by mankind, ..and/or, ..the human race.

Sam, ..who recently became known to me via a (You-tube) video sent to me by my adored niece Kimberly who resides in California, (at least in my opinion,) ..even at the tender age of nine, ..is displaying fortitude and leadership qualities beyond the undomesticated imagination and “dreams” that rule our present commander-in-chief’s feeble contaminated mind.  

Winning-est loser in History

So much for losers, ..”Ta-Da” ..introducing Sam Gordon via a video produced by Sam’s father.


Click on the URL above and enjoy.


Sam Gordon, ..definite hope for America’s future.

Have a great day, ..tomorrow, ..maybe, ..maybe not?

Crusader Rabbit…

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