According to Webster: dis·heart·en·ing, To shake or destroy the courage or resolution of the spirit.

As I have alluded to on many, many occasions, I am not an individual that reads instructions before jumping in the pool.

Accordingly, after 20 months of writing a daily blog, I have discovered that out of the 311 million residents of the United States, (fewer than a 100th of 1%) of the nation’s population reads what I write.

Thus my offering today, is not surrender to the apathy and ignorance of America’s unenlightened population, but rather an announcement of my intention to change course.

After twenty long months of pouring my soul into an effort to educate the American public, (to their benefit) I have decided to narrow my focus to those individuals actually interested in America and engaged in their lives.

In the past “Twenty” months it would seem that “my most viewed Blog” was that entitled; “Halloween,” published on Halloween in October 2011, ..with a total views to date of 265.

According to Webster: pa·thet·ic, Arousing or capable of arousing sympathetic sadness and compassion.

Alluding to the age-old Question; “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, ..does it make a sound?”

Answer: Absolutely!

However, if you alter the Question to; “If someone writes a blog, ..and no one reads it, ..does it matter?


I wrote my blog, (at no fee) because I enjoy writing, I enjoy people, and I love America.

Years ago, I used to dabble in the hobby of woodcraft, which I also enjoyed immensely.

(True story).

I enjoyed working with wood, I built cabinets, bookshelves, picture frames, foot-stools, and decorative amenities for the kitchen and the bathroom.

One day my wife came to me with one of those “throwaway” (everything) catalogs that we all receive in our mailbox from time to time with an ad for a wooden trash container that she wanted to purchase.

Of course, since my hobby was building things out of wood and, (at least in my own mind) I could compete with anything from a throwaway catalog, the following day I ventured to my local lumberyard and picked out some appropriate pieces of wood to prove my point.

An effort which by design was extremely simple, more for function and utility than decoration.

With in a few weeks, several of my wife’s friends inquired as to what I would charge to build them one?

A good question indeed, as I hadn’t really kept track of what I’d spent on materials because it wasn’t something that I was intending to sell.

Thus, with orders for three of the containers in hand, I returned to my local lumberyard and purchased the material I needed in triplicate and since my bill was under $30 I had a good sense that I would make a fair profit.

When completed, after tallying the wood, screws, nails, glue, and sealer, the total for each container rounded out to twelve dollars and since it was my rule of thumb to charge the same for my labor as I paid for my material, I priced the containers at twenty-five dollars. Which of course not only made my wife’s friends extremely happy, and also inspired me to build 10 more units to sell at a local swap meet that my wife and I frequented.

The very first weekend was a tremendous success, if indeed one gauges success by compliments. Everyone that looked at my trash containers gave me high praise, ..albeit no one purchased a single unit. Which of course, since I’d gone all out decorating each unit with florid scallops along with ornate handmade wooden letters to identify the units function, I was somewhat disheartened.


Long story shortened, at the end of the day, after talking to an older fellow that had been selling at swap meets for more than 20 years, I returned the following weekend, raised the price from twenty-five dollars to seventy-five dollars. I sold eight units in the first two hours and took deposits on the other two.

The advice the older gentleman had given me was; “if you price your product to low, people give it no value. Raise your prices next week and you’ll sell them all.

Accordingly, as Homo sapiens don’t seem to have changed any in the last 50 years, I’m returning to that advice.

Over the course of writing my blog the majority of the few comments that I receive praising what I write have also held inquiries as to how someone interested in writing a blog gets started?

Thus I began yesterday, writing a book to provide (at least in my opinion) what is required to write something of interest.

I will be back, ..when the spirit moves me.

Crusader Rabbit…

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