Trivial Pursuit..

 According to Hasbro: Trivial Pursuit, “The ultimate general knowledge board game.” 

According to Webster: triv·i·al, Of little significance or value.

But then what would the world be without conflict? 

According to Webster: con·flict,  (in context) n. A state of disharmony between incompatible or antithetical persons, ideas, or interests; a clash.

According to Webster: an·ti·thet·i·cal,  (in context) Being in diametrical opposition.

Question: What does that mean? 

Since I’ve always been one to believe that pictures provide extremely good answers, here are a few examples…

 Diabolical Opposition

Question: Is everyone having as much fun as I am?

As everyone who reads my blather, and/or blog, knows, I am a great advocate for words. I mean, think about it? There are so few things that one cannot do with words.

You can “shoo” the birds from your garden, your dog, order dinner at your favorite diner, ..initiate a relationship, write a book, ..tell a story, ..or become the President of the United States.

Words can have meaning, value and power, or they can be unsubstantiated, deceptive and diluted.

Barack Obama, (a favorite subject of mine) was elected to the highest office in America via bloviating…


Bloviation is a style of empty, pompous, political speech which originated in Ohio and was used by United States President, Warren G. Harding who described it as “the art of speaking for as long as the occasion warrants, and saying nothing”. The verb “to bloviate” is the act of creating bloviation. In terms of its etymology, according to one source, the word is a “compound of blow, in its sense of ‘to boast’ (also in another typical Americanism, blowhard), with a mock-Latin ending to give it the self-important stature that’s implicit in its meaning.” (Source Wikipedia).


..two (traditionally inspiring) words. “Hope and Change!”

Neither of which has “He,” ..delivered to the (rank-and-file) general population…

To the contrary, (if you follow the state of the nation?) You are aware that there are fewer (rank-and-file) Americans working in America today, than were working in America when Barack Obama took office.

You are also aware that price of fuel you put in your vehicles has doubled, with a capitol “D.” ..and that the price of your groceries has tripled!

Trivial Pursuit Question: Why, what end?

Barack Obama and his family are doing quite well living in the White House with amenities so far above and beyond the reach of his voter base as to provide justification to believe that his voter base is either asleep, ..ignorant, ..or both.

Trivial Pursuit Question: “How can an informed individual with God-given “Common Sense” ..cast their vote for an individual whose campaign was a total work of fiction?”

Trivial Pursuit Question: “Why is there no documentation to validate the life of Barack Hussein Obama?”

Trivial Pursuit Question: “Who is Berry Soetoro?”

(Sidebar) Article 2, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution mandates that the President of the United States must be a United States (natural born) citizen. 

Click on the URL above and pay Attention



Click on the URL above and pay Attention 

Trivial Pursuit Question: “Is Barack Obama the president of the United States, ..or is he a fraud?


According to Webster: fraud, A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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