Brain Food..

 ..with Salmon and Blueberries leading the list.

The health of your brain depends not only on how much (or little) fat you eat but on what kind it is.

Intellectual performance requires the specific type of fat found most commonly in fish, known as omega-3 fatty acids. Even diets that adhere to commonly recommended levels of fats, but the wrong kind, can undermine intelligence. What makes this finding awkward is that certain oils widely touted as healthy for the heart are especially troublesome for the mind.

Omega-3s are known to be particularly crucial constituents of the outer membrane of brain cells. It is through the fat-rich cell membrane that all nerve signals must pass. In addition, as learning and memory forge new connections between nerve cells, new membranes must be formed to sheathe them. All brain cell membranes continuously need to refresh themselves with a new supply of fatty acids. A growing amount of research suggests that the omega-3s are best suited for optimal brain function. (Source, psychology

Now that I provided you with a professional Tip to get your brain cells in order, about some real (common sense) food for thought?

If you’re a regular at reading my blog, then you are definitely, and/or unequivocally aware that there is a national election coming up on November 6th. In which Americans will have the opportunity to choose between (staying the course) with Barack Obama, a man that has kept us, ( America) 8% unemployment or above throughout his entire first term, ..a man that has never missed an opportunity to embarrass us, (America) by groveling and apologizing to our detractors, ..a man that, ..elected to a second term, ..will tax both industry and individuals beyond their wildest imagination…

..or we, (America) can borrow Barack Obama’s battle cry from 2008 and implement..


Think about it, with the exit of Barack Obama from the Oval Office, ..we, (America) can also bear witness to the Exodus of Joe Biden, and entertaining individual if you like buffoons? Eric holder, ..if like me,’re exhausted from the antics of the (I’m going to take your guns away crowd). Hillary Clinton, simply because I believe that she needs the time to comb her hair. Tim Gardner, because what would Ying be without his Yang. Leon Panetta, because I can’t remember when I’ve seen anyone who looks like they need sleep more than he does. Kathleen Sibelius, because in my Seventy years as a human being, I have never seen anyone who scares me more. Steven Chu, because my electric bill has tripled in the last four years. Janet Napolitano, and if I have the authority, the Department of Homeland Security would go out the door with her. And last but certainly not least, Susan Rice, as again, if I had the authority, I would drop the United Nations into the Marianas Trench.

According to Webster: con·ser·va·tive, (in context)  Tending to conserve.

According to Webster: con·serve,  To use carefully or sparingly, avoiding waste.

America is in desperate need of a smaller less wasteful government…


 So eat a fish and vote smart on November 6th.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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