Question of the Day..

Bill O’Reilly,, (the O’Reilly Factor) on Fox.

Why are “Media Celebrities” ..all (self absorbed) A-Holes?

For more than a year now I have been submitting comments and invitations to read my Blog, ..and/or “Blather” various Commentator Orientated (MEDIA) outlets, ..with absolutely (zero) response.

I have written to the Grand Master, ..and/or, ..Grand Pubah, (William James O’Reilly Junior), ..take yer pick? ..on at least twenty occasions, ..only to be shunned like Sarah Palin at a White House State Dinner for Katie Couric.


 I have also written to Rush Limbaugh…

 Sean Hannity… 

Laura Ingraham…

 Bernie Goldberg…

 Ann Coulter…

 Dick Morris… 

…and Michelle Malkin.

..all without so much as a Howdy, ..or go to Hell!

Which of course, at least (in my considered opinion) is why conservatives, ..or, least the (self aggrandized) ..who profess to be conservatives in the public eye, ..are every bit as full of crap as any progressive socialistic liberal on the planet, ..they are all driven by their own personal agendas for fame and fortune, ..over the (actual) well-being and future of America.

Because, at least to my knowledge, not a damn one of them has ever made mention of the fact that our money, ..the U.S. Dollar is printed and distributed by a private Corporation for profit.

Nor, my knowledge, ..has a damn one of them ever spoken into a camera lens, ..or microphone, warn and inform the American public that a (great number) ..of “our” elected officials, Washington D.C. ..belong to secret organizations that advocate a One World Government.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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