Question of the Day..

Is Mitt Romney competing for the title of idiot of the century?

As a lifelong (common sense) conservative and an individual embarrassed by what the Republican Party has become, ..if I had a magic wand, ..and/or, ..a Genie that would grant me three wishes?

One of those three wishes would definitely have to be spent scrubbing the administration’s of George “Duba” Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, (not only from our history books) but from the collective memories of every man woman and child on this planet.

My second wish you ask? That one would be simple as well. I would alter the collective mindset in America to understand that this Great Nation is deserving of much better than ilk like Barack Obama, George “Duba” Bush and Mitt Romney.

This nation is deserving of an individual that will stand up for it, ..its flag, ..its citizens, ..its borders, ..and its tomorrows.

 America needs a women in the Oval Office

It’s not too late, rise up from the ashes of your apathy and disregard for yourselves and let’s draft Jan Brewer, ..a real American with the moxie to maintain America’s borders,’s values, ..and its sovereignty.




Question: ..was that to much?

Really people, ..when are you going to get your heads out of your armpits and understand that the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, ..via ‘our” stupidity in allowing our currency to be printed and distributed “via” ..a private Corporation, known to the “brainwashed” ..and/or ..”puppet population” as the FED, ..and/or (Federal Reserve System). Then of course there’s the Rockefellers and their (Trilateral Commission). Followed immediately by America’s own homegrown secret, ..and/or, ..(subversion) device, ..the C.F.R. ..and/or, ..the (Council on Foreign Relations).


..are NOT good for people or for Nations, John F. Kennedy says it best…

Click o the URL and pay Attention. 

Options: Although extremely bleak…

Vote for Barack Obama on November 6th. ..and he will sign the United Nations gun control treaty which will supersede our Second Amendment, ‘our” (inalienable) “Right to Keep and Bear Arms”.

At which point the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers will be able to, (via) ..controlling the “World’s Currency,” ..establish their long-sought after “One World Government.”


Or you can close your eyes and vote for Mitt Romney, ..go back to work, your mortgage, a new car, ..get a dog, ..feed your family, ..and pretend that the last 12 years didn’t happen. 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

Postscript: My third wish? My third wish would be for (wealth, good health and youth,) ..I may be old and unaware of many things, ..but I’m not stupid.

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