..and/or, the “United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs.

In all parts of the world, the ready availability of weapons and ammunition has led to human suffering, political repression, crime and terror among civilian populations. Irresponsible transfers of conventional weapons can destabilize security in a region, enable the violation of Security Council arms embargoes and contribute to human rights abuses. Importantly, investment is discouraged and development disrupted in countries experiencing conflict and high levels of violence, which also affect their ability to attain the Millennium Development Goals.

The United Nations, in its work to assist people all over the world, is confronted with many of the negative impacts of lax controls on the arms trade. Think of peacekeeping, delivering food aid, improving public health, building safer cities, protecting refugees, eradicating poverty or fighting crime and terrorism. In all those activities we witness the consequences of armed violence and conflict, and that often lead to violations of international law, abuses of the rights of children, civilian casualties, humanitarian crises and missed social and economic opportunities necessary for development – often fueled by irresponsible arms deals.

How does the UN help in the regulation of the arms trade?

  • By supporting negotiations for a global arms trade treaty
  • By making information available on arms transfers between countries through the UN Register of Conventional Arms
  • By addressing the illicit trade in small arms


Which of course, (at least in my opinion) would be laughable if the future existence of America as America wasn’t at stake.


No global Norms

Many areas of world trade are covered by regulations that bind countries into agreed conduct. At present, there is no global set of rules governing the trade in conventional weapons. An eclectic set of national and regional control measures and a few global instruments on arms transfers exist, but the absence of a global framework regulating the international trade in all conventional arms has obscured transparency, comparability and accountability.


Governments remain primarily responsible for providing security and protecting their populations, keeping to the rule of law. They take decisions on arms transfers across international borders. That is why governments are expected to show responsibility in their decisions regarding arms transfers. This means that before approving international transfers (e.g., exports) of weapons, governments should assess the risk that such transfers would exacerbate conflict or be used to commit grave violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law. (Source,

Global Norms, ..Responsibility?

I, as an American citizen and a gun owner offer no apology and accept no responsibility for the ignorance, apathy and mismanagement of any sovereign nation on the planet.

Albeit I will offer the World a Solution.

As it has long been established that the United States of America is the destination of any individual seeking a better life, (through opportunity) solution is simply to broaden the welcome mat and invite “Nations” participate in becoming American citizens, ..and/or American States.

To abide by America’s Constitution, and add to America’s commerce and treasury instead of subtracting from America’s commerce and treasury, ..without obligation.

The United Nations is, ..and has never been anything to this nation, “America,” ..other than (a monkey on our back) that we don’t need.

If we, “We the People, ..of the United States would eliminate the United Nations along with our corrupt, “un-American” and (subversive) representatives in Washington D.C., ..we would immediately begin watching our “National Debt Clock” turn in the opposite direction.

Pertinent Question: Who are “the” (corrupt, un-American and subversive) representatives “we” employ in Washington?

The answer, (if you’re actually interested?) ..can be found by simply clicking on the URL’s below;

This URL will introduce you to the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that favors establishing a one world government.

If you’re interested in more information about the Council on Foreign Relations, simply Google; (Who is the CLR).

The URL below will introduce you to the people, corporations and banks around the world, ..that (illegally, ..via the U.S. Constitution) control the printing and distribution of America’s currency.

If your interested in more information about who controls your pocket book? Simply Google; (Who owns the FED).

Then, when you’re done with that, if you still have the energy and inclination, type in; (Who in the US government belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations).

Then, watch this one last video, (of a U.S. President that didn’t belong to the CFR).  ..Thank you.

Enjoy your day, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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