Men and Women, (in my Opinion).


To begin, a few simple clarifications…

The magnitude of information available from educated individuals on the web concerning men and women is pretty much infinite…

Albeit, since the title of my offering today is followed in parenthesis, (in my opinion). What you’re going to get today, my “take” ..and/or, opinion.


According to Webster: “they,” Used to refer to the ones previously mentioned or implied.

Anyone who has read my blog over time, (if in fact such an individual actually exists?) They will not be surprised when they read the following.

One of the main reasons I began writing this blog was to lend a male voice and male support to the female candidates with the fortitude to throw their hats in the ring for the Oval Office.


After the grievous and shameful behavior of the mainstream media in America towards Sarah Palin in 2008, it was clear to me that someone had to carry the truth and reality to this nation’s ignorant and misinformed.

Men, although I am by no means declaring that there is no such thing as a good man?

As a Septuagenarian with a formidable and arduous track record in the arena of communications with others of my species, I qualify myself as much of an “expert” on (Homo sapiens) anyone on the planet.

According to Webster: for·mi·da·ble, (in context) Inspiring awe, admiration, or wonder.

According to Webster: ar·du·ous, (in context) Demanding great effort or labor.

Men by nature, (not nurture) are aggressive, possessive and irresponsible.

Whereas, (at least in my opinion) women by nature, (not nurture) ..are fostering, loyal and trustworthy.

So why in the hell, (in a span of 236 years) has there never been a woman Commander-in-Chief?

(In my opinion)


Question: So what are men afraid of?

The easier question to answer would be, ..what are men not afraid of?

As example: What is Barack Obama afraid of?

Simple: Barack Obama is afraid that he will not be reelected.

Which would indeed begin a chain reaction throughout the community of the wealthy (subversive) and elite around the world who are counting on Barack Obama to provide the avenue “they” require to implement (their) long sought after One World Government.

If Barack Obama is not reelected, the Rothschilds and the ilk mesmerized by their wealth will see a delay in their quest to (slash) the Second Amendment from “our” Constitution this coming December…


All countries of the world of the United Nations gathered in New York on 2-27 July 2012 for one of the most important initiatives ever in the area of conventional arms: to negotiate an arms trade treaty that would establish high common standards for international trade in conventional arms. Despite the efforts put forth by delegations during the intense four weeks of negotiations, the Conference could not reach agreement on a treaty text. Governments are now considering the next steps to conclude the negotiations in the not-so-distant future. (Source,

(Follow up tomorrow). 

Returning to my rant concerning the qualities, or lack thereof between men and women, it is my absolute and unequivocal (belief) in the character of women over the character of men that powers my crusade to see a woman in the White House.

Men rise by intimidation, albeit I doubt that any man will ever step up and admit to it?

While women, (on the other hand) ..that rise in the world, do so either by perseverance or manipulation.

According to Webster: in·tim”i·da“tion, To coerce or inhibit.

Which requires no particular skill…

According to Webster: per·se·ver·ance, Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose.

According to Webster: ma·nip·u·la·tion, Shrewd or devious management, especially for one’s own advantage.

Both traits that I wholeheartedly approve of…

We, (admitting to the fact that I am a man) more often than not get what we want via (tradition) ..a sad commentary, ..yet one that we, ..(men) with quite comfortably, ..because more often than not, ..(our arrogance) ..protects us from any ill effects the truth might infect us with?

 The weaker sex? Not on your life! 

CEOs without their secretaries, would be frustrated six-year-olds wearing one brown sock and one blue, ..and six-year-olds without their mothers would never catch the school bus.

My solution to the problem? Simple, reinstate the draft, ..not for the military, ..for ‘our” representatives in Washington.

Elections simply aren’t trustworthy anymore. 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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