America’s New Drug of Choice, ..Food Stamps!

 In America, it is ILLEGAL to give someone money to vote for you…

..yet it is NOT ILLEGAL to tell someone that you will give them money if they vote for you.

Accordingly, (at least in my opinion,) Mitt Romney is fighting for the future of America, America has always been and should be, ..against extremely high odds.

According to Webster: odds, (in context) An advantage given to the weaker side in a contest to equalize the chances of the participants.

As there is no way, (at least in my opinion,) that anyone can convince someone that is getting (something for nothing,) to give up (their something for nothing),…

..Americans, “We the People” ..who understand the concept of (it can’t be done) ..and/or (bankruptcy). We need to come together (against) Barack Obama and his determination to transform America into a Marxist Communist state before (our freedom) is outlawed.

Who Barack Obama is? no longer guarded behind closed doors, or protected by the anti-American mainstream media..

…yes indeed, ..I did refer to the “Mainstream Media” as anti-American.

Barack Obama’s life and legacy as a nobody from nowhere is presently available in movie theaters across the nation.

The First Amendment of the Constitution (does) guarantee “Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press,” ..albeit it (does not) guarantee the freedom to misinform, ..and/or the freedom to lie.

Currently, (at least in my humble opinion,) there is not one newspaper, magazine, or televised broadcast, (network or cable) ..that is not slanted to some degree to one ideology (conservative or liberal).


 What the hell ever happened to reporting what happened as it happened?

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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