Question of the Day..

What’s the difference between separation and segregation?


According to Webster: sep·a·ra·tion (sµp”…-r³“sh…n) n. Abbr. sep. 1.a. The act or process of separating. b. The condition of being separated. 2. The place at which a division or parting occurs. 3. An interval or a space that separates; a gap.

According to Webster: seg·re·ga·tion (sµg”r¹-g³“sh…n) n. 1. The act or process of segregating or the condition of being segregated. 2. The policy and practice of imposing the social separation of races, as in schools, housing, and industry, especially so as to practice discrimination against people of color in a predominantly white society.

The way I read it, ..and/or by my interpretation; “There is no difference. Other than the context in which the words are traditionally used?

In America there is a law that separates church and state which is not only acceptable, it is revered.

However, if the author of that particular legislation had used the word segregate instead of separate, he would have been tarred and feathered.

Where separation is a word traditionally lent to friendship and love, ..segregation is a word traditionally lent to hatred and bigotry.

Which of course unequivocally separates the two words as day and night or red and blue.

We have in this example, (red) representing the Republican Party, ..and (traditionally conservative ideology) ..and (blue) representing the Democratic Party, ..and (traditionally liberal ideology) in the United States.

According to Webster: con·ser·va·tive, (in context) Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.

According to Webster: lib·er·al, (in context) Not strict or literal; loose or approximate.

America thrived as a nation, growing and expanding to satisfy its needs and the needs of its citizens until the lawmakers and money lenders got together and decided to screw the needs of the citizens to satisfy the needs of themselves.

Of course, (at least in my opinion) the same opinion that I believe was held by the men who took up arms at Lexington and Concord to free America from the greed and tyranny of King George the third.

America was not founded to police the world, nor was it founded to feed it, clothe it, ..and send it to school.

America was founded to be a country of freedom and opportunity for men and women with the imagination and initiative to make something from personal investment.

America has always had a generous immigration policy…

According to Webster: gen·er·ous, Giving and sharing. Marked by abundance; ample.

According to Webster: pol·i·cy, A course of action, guiding principle, or procedure considered expedient, prudent, or advantageous.

Generous does not mean “free for all.” 

According to Webster: free-for-all, A disorderly fight, argument, or competition in which everyone present takes part; a brawl.

Wake up America, “our” Government ..(in conjunction with) the News Media that belongs to the rich, powerful, and elite around the world have had us “separated and segregated ” (to be kind and diplomatic) ..with each other for (quite close to) forever in order to distract us from the fact that ..(they) ..the “wealthy elite” ..and ”our” Government have been robbing us blind since Woodrow Wilson signed an illegal “Unconstitutional” agreement with the (private Corporation) that owns our money, ..and/or, ..the Federal Reserve Bank, and/or System that provides us with what we have commonly come to know as “Federal Reserve notes.”

Question: How many of you reading this understand what a (note) is?


Answer: A note is a promise, (I.O.U.) ..a piece of paper with no value.

The documents describing the agreement made between the United States Government, (you and I) ..and the FED, and/or    the (Federal Reserve system,) ..a (Private Corporation), readily available on the Internet, .. Simply type in; “full text, Federal Reserve act of 1913.” ..and/or type in; “end the FED,” ..and/or “end the federal reserve.” And enlightened yourself.

I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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