Who are the rank and file..

..are the rank and file, “We the People,” ..the People with the Power!

The men and women that countless previous generations of Americans have fought for and died for to preserve America for generations of Americans yet to be born.

America is a Democratic Republic…

A democratic republic is a country that is both a republic and a democracy. It is one where ultimate authority and power is derived from the citizens. (Source, Wikipedia).

So why in the hell are..


..electing self indulging (anti-American) individuals to govern us and the greatest nation ever founded on the planet?

Who have we elected that is anti-American you ask? How about Richard Nixon? How about Gerald Ford? How about Jimmy Carter? How about Ronald Reagan? How about George H.W. Bush? How about William Jefferson Clinton? How about George (Duba) Bush? ..and last, ..but certainly, ..not least, ..Barack Hussein Obama.

Every one of the individuals that I have named, ..either is “currently” ..or has been in the past, ..a member of one or more (Secret) organization, to include the (Bilderburg Group) the (Skull and Bones) the (Illuminati) the (Bohemian Grove) or the (Council on Foreign Relations.)

All “organizations” whose primary goals are to effect and establish a One World Government.

My Pledge: If establishing a “One World Government” isn’t detrimental and diminishing to the U.S. Constitution, ..I’ll kiss Barack Obama’s butt on network television, ..in prime time.

If you missed it the first time, ..here it is again…



Click on the URL and pay close Attention.

(10 minutes and 58 Seconds) 

Okay, ..so the rich and powerful have us by the ass, ..who’s gonna stop ‘em?


 Beginning on November 6th. 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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