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Pentagon Escalates Case Against Navy SEAL Author

The Pentagon has released new details about a secrecy agreement signed by a former Navy SEAL who wrote a book about his role in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, escalating its argument that the commando violated promises not to disclose classified information.

While declining to release the non-disclosure document signed by Matt Bissonnette, who used the pseudonym Mark Owen, a Defense Department spokesman shared with Reuters a secrecy agreement he said was identical to it.

Lt. Col. Todd Breasseale said Bissonnette violated his pledge simply by sharing the original manuscript of the book, “No Easy Day,” with his publisher and a lawyer outside of government.

Breasseale said that the decision to seek a review of the manuscript for sensitive material by a “former special operations attorney” — which publisher Dutton has acknowledged — suggested Bissonnette had reason to believe it contained classified material.

Bissonnette and his attorney deny that “No Easy Day,” released on Sept. 4, without pre-publication review by the government, contains classified information.

Bissonnette’s attorney, Robert Luskin, declined to comment.

In an email, Breasseale said the former Navy SEAL’s actions appear “to potentially violate his obligation not to disclose ‘the contents of such preparation to any person not authorized to have access to SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) until I have received written authorization from the Department or Agency that last authorized my access to SCI that such disclosure was permitted.”

The spokesman said he was quoting from a standard Pentagon secrecy agreement which was “identical” to one which Bissonnette had signed.

Breasseale pointed to a paragraph in the secrecy agreement in which the signer acknowledges that the purpose of a pre-publication review was “to give the United States a reasonable opportunity to determine” if any manuscript contained any sensitive classified information.

He pointed to another paragraph in the agreement which said that if the person signing the agreement was “uncertain about the classification status of information” they were “required to confirm from an authorized official that the information is unclassified before I may disclose it.”

The Pentagon on Tuesday for the first time said that the book, now at the top of Amazon’s best-seller list, does contain classified information, without being more specific.

It has announced it is considering legal action against the former SEAL.

“Through ‘Mr. Owen’s’ own statements, he has already disclosed material at least to his attorney and his publisher — without prepublication review (purportedly in an effort to ascertain whether the text contained any classified information),” Breasseale said in the email.

The spokesman’s statements appear intended to back up an Aug. 30 letter from Jeh Johnson, the Pentagon’s top lawyer, to Bissonnette, via publisher Penguin Putnam, owner of the Dutton imprint.

In that letter, Johnson advised the former SEAL that the Pentagon had obtained and reviewed an early copy of his book and concluded that he was in “material breach and violation of the non-disclosure agreements you have signed.”

Johnson’s letter included copies of what it said were two such agreements.

Breasseale said one of those documents was identical to the blank secrecy agreement that he made available to Reuters.

It is unclear whether Bissonnette signed any further non-disclosure agreements.

In a response to Johnson’s letter, Luskin, a prominent Washington defense attorney, wrote that the non-disclosure agreement which the Pentagon lawyer attached to his Aug. 30 letter “invites, but by no means requires, Mr. Owen to submit materials for pre-publication review.”

Dutton said the review by the “former special operations attorney” concluded the contents of “No Easy Day” were “without risk to national security.” The publisher has not released further details regarding who reviewed the manuscript. (Source,

(My Two Cents) ..and/or (Common sense) tells me that “our” (thin-skinned) prone to fiction, ..and deception Commander-in-Chief is offended, ..not by the issuance of a tale,

According to Webster: tale, (in context) A narrative of real or imaginary events; a story.


..but rather by the fact that our current Commander-in-Chief would prefer the American public be kept unaware.


Also in the News..


 Reince Priebus 

GOP Chairman Priebus: Obama, Democrats Living in ‘FantasyLand’

By Todd Beamon and John Bachman

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party spent this week “trying to recreate a world that doesn’t exist,” Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview.

“This race is going to come down to some fundamental things: Are people better off today than they were four years ago and did the president fulfill the mission of his presidency?”

Priebus tells Newsmax. “People are forgiving, and people are generally filled with a fair amount of grace when it comes to politicians.

“However, if you can’t point to some of your most basic promises and show that the missions have been completed, I can’t imagine how anybody’s going to go into this final closing argument thinking that we need four more years of this misery.”

Priebus said Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., conveyed a “sort of a fantasy-land rendition of where we are in this country” — and that was undone on Friday with the disclosure of the national unemployment rate of 8.1 percent for August.

Only 96,000 jobs were added last month, the government reported, and the overall rate fell from 8.3 percent in July only because more people stopped looking for work. People who are out of work are counted as unemployed only if they are searching for a job.

“What it shows is that the Democrats aren’t living on Earth,” Priebus said. “Only 63.5 percent of people who are eligible to work are actively looking for work. That’s the lowest number in decades. And of that number, 8.1 percent of those people can’t find work.

“What you saw this morning was that almost the equivalent of the entire city of Tampa threw up their arms and said, ‘This economy is so bad that I’m not even going to bother looking for work.’ Chronic unemployment in this country is at a level that we haven’t seen since the Great Depression.”

And this is why the president must not be re-elected, Priebus said.

“President Obama ran in 2008 based on a tough economy. He ran on the economy. He ran against Bush, and he said that he would fix the economy that we’re in now. He ran based on his own explanation of confidence and ability to fix the situation we were in — and he won because the economy had to be fixed and he promised he would do it.

“People care about the fact that what we need in politics are people of their word to run for office, and then we need them to govern the way that they’ve campaigned,” he added. “That’s his biggest problem. He has not governed in the way that he campaigned four years ago.”

Looking to the fall campaign, Priebus said the GOP is going to spend its money on “the ground operation.”

“I’m a believer in crushing your opponent on the ground: door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood and absentee ballot programs. The Democrats have nothing on us when it comes to the ground operation. Their ground game doesn’t stack up to us at all.

“The only way to win this election is on the ground, so our money — the vast majority of RNC money that is stockpiled — is for the ground game to make sure we hit our goals and exceed our goals in communities and neighborhood across America,” Priebus added. “We have the technology and the personnel up and down to get this done – and that’s what my focus is on.

“The airwaves are going to be saturated. It all will come down to door-to-door and the ground game.”

In his exclusive Newsmax interview, Priebus also:

Defended GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on attacks of not paying tribute to veterans in his acceptance speech last week. The former Massachusetts governor visited a VFW Post in Indiana the day before his Tampa speech. “We had multiple tributes to the troops and we can’t thank them enough.”

Rebuffed Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who said a “technical oversight” led to the omissions of God and support for Israel from the Democratic Party platform. “There’s no way it wasn’t intentional. There is no such thing as a technical error of removing Jerusalem and God from your platform.”

 Noted that the GOP is doing better in appealing to women voters because they, in particular, “understand the household situations out there — and they understand the economic impact of Barack Obama’s policies. Now, we need to hone in for the next two months to continue pounding away on what the truth is.”

 Attacked the liberal mainstream media for not being fair in its coverage to both presidential candidates. “I still think there is a pretty big love affair with Obama, but the facts are on our side — and there is nothing better that walking in to that closing argument with the facts on your side.” (Source,

(My Two Cents): Mitt Romney has yet to (personally) convince me that he will be anything other than a party favor for the behind closed doors (Good Old Boys) and/or (money grubbing elite) and the Federal Reserve bankers.

Nevertheless, as previously explicated on more than one occasion, I will vote for Mitt Romney as (in my opinion) he’s the lesser of the two evils.

I identified both of our choices in this election cycle as evil because in “my considered opinion,” belonging to a (behind closed doors) secret organization, ..the CFR, ..and/or the (Council on foreign relations) ..who’s published goal is to form a “One World Government,” ..again (in my considered opinion) a subversive and treasonous organization as the implementation of a “One World Government” allows no port for a United States Government.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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