According to Webster: fur·ther·more, In addition; moreover. See Synonyms at  also.



Click on the URL above and pay Attention.   

Although Sean Hannity is not usually on my viewing agenda during any 24 hour viewing cycle, I tuned him in Friday night, (August 24,) ..to listen to the “rank-and-file,” ..(middle-class) citizens (regular folks) ..that were selected from across the nation to participate in another film production to provide (at least in my opinion) some “extremely enlightening” narrative from both, ..(Democrats and Independents) disappointed in having cast their vote in 2008 for Barack Obama.


I like Sean Hannity, ..nevertheless I don’t normally tune him in because it pains me to see someone’s voice shackled by the constraints of civility.

Which, (at least for me) ..a bona fide, ..“common sense” conservative), ..brings to question: With (freedom of speech) established in the First Amendment to our Constitution, ..why do conservative commentators hold themselves to a higher standard than liberal commentators?

..and/or, ..why do conservatives in general (excluding myself) hold themselves to a higher standard?

Capitalism and unrestricted free markets grew America into the greatest nation on the planet Earth…


 ..is the American dream.


 Barack Obama and his Marxist ideology is a nightmare…

 The (ideological) Marx Brothers

The key to America’s future…


..is eliminating this man in November.


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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