One Nation, under water..

As I do on occasion, ..both from a (long history) of innate slothfulness, ..and a genuine desire to provide the “rank-and-file” with current information, whether (it) be provided by my voice, ..or the voice of another.

Accordingly, this morning’s offering will be brought to you by “Blaise Ingoglia” ..founder of… 

Click on the URL above and Pay attention, …

..its well worth the three and a half minutes.

As always, I appreciate your participation and another chance to appeal to your patriotism and “common sense” by inviting you to join me on November 6, “change” Barack Obama’s address from 1600   Pennsylvania Ave. Washington D. C., ..(who really gives a damn).

Food for though; “You don’t strengthen a structure or a Nation, removing its foundation .

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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