Example, after example, after example..


According to Webster: ex·am·ple, (in context) One that is representative of a group as a whole.

A fired employee gunned down his ex-boss on a crowded midtown sidewalk Friday before dying in a police shootout that left nine wounded bystanders sprawled outside the Empire State Building.


A tragedy? Absolutely! ..but then when you step back, take a breath, ..and (understand) that “our” government, ..and “our” legislators, ..the (men and women) ..who “pen and establish” the “laws” ..that we, “We the People,” ..are bound to respect and live by, ..are both, ..indeed, ..and in fact, ..disregarded more by the men and women who (pen and establish) ..”our laws,” ..than “We the People,” ..the (folks) ..that they ..(our laws) ..are intended to shepherd.

Accordingly, being realistic, ..a (conviction) that I endeavor to support, (considering “our” unemployment numbers and the nations three and a half year failing economy under Barack Obama). I am currently more amazed when I wake to a day that isn’t fraught with devastation and tragedy, ..than when I wake to a day that is.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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