Freedom of Choice Two, (not the sequel).

In publishing more than 550 offerings in the past year and a half, (as computers are infallible, ..and/or, ..magnificent when it comes to memory). I have discovered that the most difficult part of blogging, coming up with a “title” to identify what I write on any given day.

I received an (urgent message) from “Rand Paul & company” this morning urging me to click on the provided (click here) to sign a petition to once and for all, (banish) abortions, and/or, a woman’s right to choose.  

What an offer, ..and a privilege? That Rand Paul & company would select me to decide what a (free born) or naturalized citizen of the United States of America, ..can, ..or, ..can’t do.

I also get a boatload of inquiries as to why I use Webster to define almost everything I write?

And the..

                , ..because, ..since initiating my blog, (sadly) has been my experience that (to few people) in America, ..(to include “our” (government) public servants, ..and/or, politicians) not (correctly) ..understand the (meaning of the words) ..that they use.


As example: Barack Obama, ..the (current) President of the United States, ..educated at both “Harvard” and “Columbia Universities,” ..believes that the word (reduction) means: “to spend as much money as possible, quickly as possible, and as silly and frivolous as possible.

Over the past few years (our government) ..has proven time and time again, ..that if we, “We the People,” ..(the rank and file tax payers) ..give them, (the government) inch, ..they (our employees) ..will “streeetch” that “inch” to the ..(moon and back) an effort to maintain, ..and/or, .. more frightening, ..increase the power they have come to enjoy, ..(whether or not) ..the power they have come to enjoy (is granted) “our” Constitution.

Americans takes a lot of pride and satisfaction in advertising that we, (Americans) in the “Land of the Free, ..and the Home of the Brave.”

Yet just this morning, while surfing for something worthwhile to watch on my flatscreen, ..I was confronted by an ominous ad (an urgent ominous ad) call the number on the screen and voice my opinion against the U.N. arms treaty that  ‘our” aesthetically uncapped Secretary of State “Hillary Clinton” is trying to push through Congress.

Again, as I’ve said many times before in this publication, ..I cannot speak for you, ..albeit I can’t speak to you.

If you fit into a category close to or above mental retardation, pay (very) close attention! Because I’m only gonna say this a couple a thousand more times before November 6th. “Our” Government is totally out of control, ..Barack Obama, albeit an attractive well spoken young man, ..he is (not yours, ..or my friend,) ..nor is he your benefactor if you are unemployed and living in poverty.

Barack Obama’s agenda is to increase ..and/or (enlarge) the size (parameters) of government, and the size, (parameters) of entitlements, ..until the government is your taskmaster.


According to Webster: slav·er·y, (in context) The condition of being subject or addicted to a specified influence.

Editorial: I’m 70 years old living on social security, ..which of course is nothing to brag about, ..being seventy years old is okay as long as I can still get around without to much pain. Not an easy accomplishment after four back surgeries and a heart attack, but I’m hanging in there. As for living on Social Security, I’ve always made do with what I have.

I have never applied for an (entitlement) as I personally don’t believe such a thing exist. Nor do I harbor the belief that someone “deserves” something or anything simply because they are a product of biological creation.

A government, (especially a Democratic Republic) ..such as America, not your momma or your daddy, ..the American government is an “organization” implemented to manage the business of the nation. It is not an organization implemented to promote the agenda of an individual.


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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