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I get a lot of e-mails from a lot of people, and occasionally I get an occasional e-mail from a select friend.

Such as the e-mail (not a forward) that has inspired me to write this morning’s blog.

As you know, (if you are a regular reader) of my blather, I’m not really happy with anyone that is applying for the job to be “my” President, run “my” country.

Politics in America have always been competitive, however in the last decade, and/or ..decade and a half, ..politics have gone beyond competitive into the realm of mean, nasty and vicious, which is unacceptable.

Or more correctly, the current tone and/or temper of politics is unacceptable to me.

Which of course brings into Question; “Who the hell am I?”


I’m Charlie Citizen, ..better known to my friends as Chuck. I’m 70 years old, ..retired from an hourly job journey through life that provided me with the (wherewithal) to own several mortgages, more automobiles that I could even come close to recalling the particulars of and I’ve never been hungry.

Well there was that one time 🙂


I served this country as (frightened) every other (lying bastard) ..that denied being scared while strolling through the jungles of South Vietnam. Although I came home with a Purple Heart, I did come home. (Which traditionally), ..that and five dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I don’t, ..and never have expected (Kudos) for what I, ..and five hundred thousand other Americans did in Vietnam. Putting yer ass on the line (at least in my opinion) for your home, (for an America) is a given.

Or at least it use to be…

Barack Obama, (at least in my humble opinion,) not an American. As I explicated a few days ago, ..I don’t care if Barack Obama was born in the (blanking) ..”Rose Garden,” delivered by “Dolly Madison on the Fourth of July,” ..he is not an American.

To be an American, ..a true “Bona Fide” ..real ..(died in the wool) American, takes a (hell of a lot) ..more than a geographical/biological event, ..being an American is a state of mind, honor ..and a commitment.

So what do I think of Mitt Romney? …Honestly? I think we should cut to the chase,  ..and start calling him Mitt “Duba.”

As Shakespeare once said; “A carpetbagger by any other name, ..will rob you just as blind.”



..or did he say; “A carpetbagger is a carpetbagger is a carpetbagger?”

Although I have been advocating for the last 40 years that if just one time, the American public, ..not blacks ..or whites, ..or Hispanics, ..or Asians, ..or any combination of any combination of the foregoing would vote to eliminate every incumbent at every level of government, the politicians might begin to understand who this country belongs to.

But of course that’s not going to happen, because politicians understand that if they can keep a divide between ..blacks, ..whites, ..Hispanics, ..Asians and ..the combinations of combinations that make up America, ..they can do as they damn well please.


Time for my introduction; “Richard Kimball.” (not) David Janssen, ..from the “Fugitive.”

Richard Kimball is an American politician, and president of the nonprofit organization Project Vote Smart.


Double Click and take a look !


In 1986, after serving in the Arizona Legislature and the state’s Corporation Commission, Kimball ran as a Democrat against John McCain for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Barry Goldwater.

His campaign was subject to negative press from the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette, both owned by McCain benefactor Darrow Tully.

One Gazette columnist described him as displaying “terminal weirdness.” McCain ultimately won the election by a margin of twenty percent, and is now Arizona’s senior Senator.

In his 2002 memoir Worth the Fighting For, McCain described the race and his opponent: My first race for the Senate was pretty close to a foregone conclusion. I led in the polls from start to finish. My eventual opponent, Richard Kimball, was a tall, good-looking guy who shared his name with the hero of a popular 1960s television drama, The Fugitive.

He was a nice man and a well-intentioned public servant. But for all his fine qualities, he was not the first-tier candidate the Democrats had hoped to field.

According to the Project Vote Smart web site, during his closing remarks at a debate, Kimball decided to forgo an attack on McCain in favor of this speech: …

Understand what we do to you; we spend all of our time raising money, often from strangers we do not even know. Then we spend it in three specific ways: first we measure you, what it is you want to purchase in the political market place — just like Campbell’s Soup or Kellogg’s Cereal.

Next we hire some consultants who know how to tailor our image to fit what will sell. Lastly, we bombard you with the meaningless, issueless, emotional nonsense that is always the result. And which ever one of us does that best will win![

Kimball commented on the campaign to a reporter from the Arizona Daily Star: “I was enormously depressed, ..not because I lost. It was because I spent all my time collecting money.”

Kimball spent the months after the election traveling through Mexico, and has not sought public office since. (Source, Wikipedia).

Our founding fathers were not a ragtag bunch that hung out at the waterfront, ..albeit they were familiar enough with the ragtag bunch from the waterfront to know the difference between Rum and Rye…

..and when they solicited recruits to fill the boots needed to free America from the tyranny of King George…

..the man that would eventually become the first president of the United States stood with his ragtag recruits at Lexington and Concord until the smoke cleared.

I mean, ..think about it, ..if Pete Seeger had been at the battle of Lexington and Concord, ..we’d be singing the words to a hell of a song.

..and while you’ve got your thinking cap on, ..think about this, (nothing Rhymes with Obama). ..except ..”drama” and “trauma.”

Once again, thank you all for your participation and if you enjoyed reading today’s blather as much as I enjoyed writing it, can thank April as I did.

I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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