According to Webster: of·fen·sive, Disagreeable; Causing anger, displeasure, resentment; – an affront.

It would seem that my narrative, ..and/or ..”accolade,” identifying Mitt Romney ..and (wealthy people) as the (salt of the earth) ..has offended some of you…  (wrongheaded) and/or (common sense deprived) liberals.



 The word (salt) comes from the “Latin” (salarium) ..or “sal,” meaning (salt). Salt, one period in history was paid as wages, ..and/or, a (salary) to soldiers in the early Roman salt trade. In those days, ..salt, (regular ordinary table salt) ..was a prized and valuable commodity. Consequently, the phrase “you are the salt of the earth” ..and/or, ..the phrase, ..“worth your salt”, ..refer to the high value of salt. (Source, 50 years of interest in world history and trivia).


America is not measured by the rest of the World, ..and real Americans want to keep it that way!

America is not a socialist, ..communist, ..or tyrannical Nation.

America is a “Free” Capitalistic, ..Christian Nation, it or leave it.


You and..

Barack Obama… 

..are so determined to live in a socialistic, ..communist, ..or Dictator led Nation, ..there are scheduled flights leaving America every day.

Think about it Fools, ..I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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