Smart People vs. Dumb People..


Reported: Mitt Romney, (currently unemployed) “EARNS” 21 Million Dollars a year from investments.

Which of course, alluding to my “God-given common sense,” and my proclivity for understanding the need of a (medium of exchange) to engage in commerce, (paying rent and purchasing groceries) ..I judge Mitt Romney (a truly wealthy person,) be an extremely smart person.


I mean, come on people, ..when you remove your head from your armpit and join in reality, many of you out there, yee a conservative, Independent, ..or a liberal, ..wouldn’t want to be in a financial position to earn $21 million dollars a year from investments?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with rich people,, i.e., “wealthy people,” ..are the salt of the earth. Rich people like Mitt Romney who invest in America create jobs, ..lots of jobs.

People like Barack Obama, ..a man that earns $400,000 a year, ..(not) from “commerce or the production of anything,” ..but from grinning and reading from a Teleprompter. Is, (as least in my humble opinion,) also a smart person.


 U.S. Treasury building, Washington D.C.

Yeah that’s right, Barack Obama is a smart person because he reaps $400,000 a year from the United States Treasury, ..that wonderful and infinite “Cornucopia” of public, ..and/or taxpayers money.


Accordingly, as much as it pains me, ..(as I consider myself,  ..a “Common Sense individual” ) ..being fair, I know I should, ..I have to place Barack Obama on the same page with Mitt Romney.  

Of course, ..due to the fact that $400,000 way short of $21,000,000, ..I don’t place Barack Obama as high on the page as I place Mitt Romney.

Nor do I place either of the aforementioned gentlemen as high on the page as I place Michelle Obama.


As Michelle, unemployed housewife without a (taxable) source of income, ..according to hundreds of sources, ..has spent approximately $10 million dollars over the last 3 1/2 years traveling and enjoying the planet.


I don’t know about you, ..or anyone else? But in my book, ..anyone that can spend $10 million of other people’s money enjoying the good life, (without the threat of going to jail) the smartest person of all.

Question: So who are the dumb people?


 Mirror, mirror, on the wall, ..who’s the dumbest of us all?

OMG ! 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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