Point of View..

The bloodshed in Syria continues…


As an individual, (Human Being) ..who served in Vietnam in 1965 ..and “Personally Experienced” ..the “mindset” ..that an individual acquires in combat, ..I can personally assure you that, ..it’s not pretty.

For those of you that (have) served in combat, ..I need not explain further. For those of you that (have not) served in combat, ..no amount of explication would be adequate.

Personal Opinion: War is the “stupidest and most atrocious” activity that mankind invokes to settle a grievance!


According to Webster: stu·pid, Slow to learn or understand.


According to Webster: a·tro·cious, (in any context) Evil, abominable, despicable.


No one actually ever wins a war, (lives lost guarantee defeat on both sides) ..albeit there are those that “profit greatly” and others that achieves “celebrity” and “recognition in posterity.”

As egregious and antiquated as this is going to sound to the “young,” ..the “aggressive,” ..and the “greedy,” ..I’m going to say it anyway…


America does not need to step into another fray, America needs to step back and go to work on solving the problems that are facing America, ..unemployment, ..our economy, ..our nearly $16 Trillion National Debt, ..the Corruption in Washington, ..and last, ..but “certainly not least,” ..the “rank and file,” ..”We the People,” ..coming to terms with how to peacefully communicate with each other.


War is atrocious, despicable and evil, nevertheless, war was the “tool” that “our forefathers” ..used to create this Nation.

 The Battle of Lexington and Concord. 

Imagine for a moment, .if you will? That CNN and MSNBC had been covering the battle…

How would the left have reported George Washington’s actions?

Bulletin: ..just in; George Washington and his band of rebels committed treason today by firing up on the troops of King George the third, ..blah blah blah and so on…


Life is not a chess game played by the self aggrandized, or at least it shouldn’t be!


Our forefathers disengage themselves and this nation from tyranny by the same means currently being employed by the (rank and file) in Syria.

I’m sure that someone counted the dead after the American Revolution and I’m just as sure that there were (children and innocents) among the count. Accordingly, ..at this point, ..I sincerely wish that I had the capacity and the words to relate something other than; “That’s Life.”


I’ve seen decapitated men and children on a pike, war is not a day at the mall.

If America is going to throw its hat in the ring to support the “rank and file” in Syria, ..and stand behind Israel in the event that Iran animates its threats?


America cannot afford a President, ..and/or a “Commander-in-Chief” ..that has publicly and assertively stated; “America is not at war with Islam, ..and it never will be.”

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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