Of things to Come..

 Legendary Pictures Pulls the Plug on Alex Proyas’…

Director Alex Proyas’ (I, Robot) new movie, Paradise Lost, was originally scheduled to go into production last month, but concerns about the budget caused Legendary Pictures to push the adaptation of John Milton’s 17-century poem about the Fall of Man back until “late spring or early summer” to give the producers time to “rework” the budget. Now, Deadline has reported that, rather than wait for the budget to be tamed, Legendary has decided to pull the plug on the movie

Paradise Lost was envisioned by Proyas to be “a family saga” set in “an adventure about the origins of good and evil.” It would have starred Bradley Cooper as the devil, Diego Boneta as Adam, Camilla Belle as Eve, and Djimon Housoun, Benjamin Walker, Casey Affleck, Dominic Purcell and Rufus Sewell as angels.

According to Deadline, Legendary’s decision to scrap Paradise Lost was “all about visual effects.” To depict angels in combat with one another on the celestial plane would have required the use of expensive motion-capture technology and extensive CGI, which resulted in the forecast budget sky-rocketing over the $120 million Legendary was willing to spend “by 10% or 15%.” With the producers having already spent somewhere in the “low eight figures” developing Paradise Lost to this point, it’s likely that the movie will get new life somewhere down the line, but not until advances in visual effects technology allow Proyas to maintain his vision without breaking the bank.


Alexander “Alex” Proyas (born 23 September 1963) is an Australian film director, screenwriter, and producer. Proyas is best known for directing the science fiction films The Crow, DarkCity, I, Robot, and Knowing. He is known for employing a stylish photographic techniques in his films, with dark overtones usually in a (post-apocalyptic setting.)

For those of you who are scratching your heads in wonder as to why I’m veering off of my chosen path of blasting the Obama administration, ..to showcase a movie and a movie producer? The answer is (one) “Of (my) Things to Come.”

According to Webster: se·gue, (in context) To make a transition directly from one section or theme to another.

I chose Alex Proyas to critique this morning because after a bit of research I have found him a productive individual with a true understanding of reality. It’s that simple.

Alex, although I have no personal knowledge of the man, by his resume, ..is a knowledgeable individual, ..via experience.

Wherein lies the connection to justify my segue into another session of criticizing, ..and/or “blasting” Barack Obama and his agenda to dismantle America one piece at a time.

This week in the news;

Lockheed Martin’s announcement this week that some 123,000 employees might receive notices that they’re at risk of being laid off had plenty of people on edge.

Lockheed Martin, the country’s largest defense contractor announced that on Nov. 2, just days before the presidential election, (by Law) it must tell the “vast majority” of its 123,000 employees that they might be out of a job come January.

Because if lawmakers don’t complete a budget deal by Jan. 2, ..cuts to the 2013 defense budget) “our” (defense budget) yours and mine, “We the People’s” (defense budget) ..will be cut to the tune of $55 billion!  The cuts are scheduled to be  “automatic” …

According to Webster: au·to·mat·ic, Acting or operating in a manner essentially independent of external influence or control.


The sequester deal, as it’s called, will be disastrous for “our” defense industry dependent on “our” government’s business.

Lockheed states that the implementation of this (sequester deal) ..will cost jobs, ..and since a federal law known as the WARN Act requires companies to give 60 days’ notice before large lay-offs, and/or firings, ..it has to give layoff notices by Nov. 2.

(Sidebar) A law that, (by the way) ..our “shifty” (wishy-washy) Commander-in-Chief, ..Barack Obama was in the forefront of passing.



Albeit ..at “the moment” ..I’m sure that he’s (not) ..entirely pleased with that part of his resume.

When Alex Proyas crunched the numbers he understood that his budget wasn’t adequate to pursue his agenda. An intelligent adult decision.

As for Barack Obama and every wrongheaded left thinking Democrat, (as you don’t seem to be aware) ..the number one priority for the “Federal Government” ..is the (defense) of the Nation, ..it is (not) providing free birth control, mammograms and food stamps.

America is currently, (thanks to our current Commander-in-Chief) ..in a post-apocalyptic setting.

If Lockheed Martin, (America’s largest military contractor) were to layoff 100,000 of its employees across the Nation, due to the “Obama administration’s” (sequester deal,) the shock wave to America’s economy would be unfathomable.

According to Webster: un·fath·om·a·ble, Impossible to understand; incomprehensible.

A hundred thousand more (unemployed) Americans, added to the 24 million already struggling to survive, wouldn’t simply be the..


..straw that broke the Camel’s back.

It would be the (idealistic) idiocy that compounded job loss in America to a number even more frightening than our current National debt.

100,000 people laid off from Lockheed Martin could easily multiply by 10 or even 20, a scenario, (unless you’re an elected official) ..could very well include your job, ..and your brothers job, ..and your uncles…

After which, ..if you’d like a (Big Mac) or a (Whopper,) forget it, ..even if you had the price of a burger, ..chances are that McDonald’s and Burger King would be history, ..or at least there wouldn’t be one close enough to where you live to get their, ..because the price of gasoline, ..if in fact it were available? It would be beyond your reach.

I’m sure most of you out there have heard the cliché; “Worse than a Heart Attack.”

I actually had a heart attack on August 19, 2007, so you can consider me an expert.

If Barack Obama gets elected to a second term as president of the United States, believe me, it will be worse than a heart attack.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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