Monumental Idiocy..

According to Webster: id·i·o·cy, Extreme folly or stupidity; A foolish or stupid utterance.

In the news, (at least in the news that I encounter) more and more pendants and commentators are issuing the following outrageous drivel; “People don’t necessarily like President Obama’s policies…

Spending like a Drunken Sailor..

..and “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010”

..but they like him.”

According to Webster: mo·ron, a person regarded as very stupid.



I don’t necessarily enjoy whipping a dead horse, ..and I wouldn’t, ..except for the fact that illuminating Barack Obama’s failings has a beneficial effect on my circulation.

“I will unite the country.”

“By the end of my first term I will reduce America’s National debt by half.”

“I have shovel ready jobs waiting to be filled.”

..and on and on and on!

 Or it will be if Barack Obama is elected to a second term. 

Paying off your Visa with your MasterCard is not a solution, is idiocy. Idealistic idiocy!

 Obama is in a hole he can’t get out of.


The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner, many ways do I have to present it, ..before you catch on?

Think of the floor in the image above as the American public, a conservative making the same mistake would have stayed in the corner until the paint dried to avoid further cost, ..but not a Liberal.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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