Corruption, Waste and Fraud..

According to Webster: cor·rup·tion, (in context) The act or process of corrupting… 

i.e., According to Webster: cor·rupt·ing, (in context) Marked by immorality and perversion; depraved. 

According to Webster: waste, To use, consume, spend, or expend thoughtlessly or carelessly. 

According to Webster: fraud, (in context)  A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

At this point, I don’t believe there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind that Barack Obama, our current Commander-in-Chief, is a politician.

Nor do I believe there is anyone in America unaware of our Commander-in-Chief’s capacity to spend money.

Albeit with the proclivity that three quarters of America’s population has for ignoring the world around them, to include the “handwriting on the wall” and the “nose on their faces.” I shrink, i.e., (refrain) ..from (making comment) on America’s knowledge of Barack Obama’s affiliation with acorn.

So I’m borrowing a line from the epic, ”Forrest Gump;”



Previously, (like yesterday) post entitled; ‘Entourage,” was pretty much (a waste) of (my) time and (yours) sense it concerned a (forward,) i.e., (junk e-mail) explicitly composed to deliver more (untruth and misinformation.)

(Sidebar) In America “UNTRUTH AND MISINFORMATION” is traditionally the (politically correct) way to say; “LIES AND DECEPTION).

Question: What do the composers of this (waste of space) junk e-mail, i.e., “knuckleheads” ..not understand about the rank-and-file, (ordinary Americans) .capacity to digest the truth?

Especially when, (at least in my opinion) ..the truth is more damning than of their lies and deception.


What is the truth?


At least according to my understanding of the truth, ..the (job) ..of being (The First Lady) ..of the United States of America, in fact;


Michelle Obama is the first lady of the United   States by virtue of a wedding ceremony.

To my personal knowledge, (wedding ceremonies) and a (wedding certificate,) ..provide “no (legal) benefits” beyond acceptance of mankind’s biological imperative, ..and a (tax break) from the I.R.S.

When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, they provided for a remuneration during and individuals term of service. They (did not provide) for remuneration beyond an individuals term of service.

And they sure as hell (didn’t provide) a remuneration for an elected individuals wife.

According to Webster: re·mu·ner·ate, To pay (a person) a suitable equivalent in return for goods provided, and services rendered.

I understand goodwill and I understand the function of an ambassador. We, “We the People” employ a sizable number of ambassadors, which we pay a salary to perform their jobs.

Michelle Obama (is not employed) by the U.S. Government, with the “US” in this particular case referring to (us,) and I, ..we the people.

At this point, I understand (reality) ..I understand that there are no do-overs. What’s done is done, ..however alluding to my (God-given common sense,) ..I also know that simply because that’s the way we did it yesterday, ..doesn’t mean, ..that that’s the way we have to do it tomorrow.

By all accounts America’s National debt, ..(our) National debt, ..(yours and mine,) ..our (children’s and our grandchildren’s) National debt, fast approaching $16 trillion.


According to Webster: ob·scene, (in context) Offensive to accepted standards; offensive or repulsive to the senses.

Michelle Obama’s, (reported) spending of $10 million taxpayer dollars for personal gratification, i.e., (family vacations) since her husband was elected president in 2008 is obscene.

Correct me here if I’m wrong, ..since I’ve been blogging, ..I have read the U.S. Constitution in its entirety, ..and I found (no section or article) ..that pertains to “our” government as being affiliated with Club Med.

If like me,’d like to cut out the corruption and wasteful spending in Washington D.C., ..let’s start with the employees that are employed as a staff for a non-employee.

Unless of course, you’re a wrongheaded progressive liberal that approves of this kind of misappropriation, in which case, (since fair is fair) I believe the government should hire a staff, i.e., (entourage) for every unemployed man and woman in America.


According to Webster: fa·ce·tious, Playfully jocular; humorous.

In short, ..America, ..and/or “We the People” ..derive no benefit from providing a staff (twenty-four men and women) work for an individual that is (not employed) us.

Especially when it cost “us,” ..according to “our” Government Accounting Office;


Trying to clean up what Michelle Obama has spent, ..and/or, ..what we spend on her? identifying what previous first ladies have spent, ..and or, ..what we spent on them, ..has no value.


Spending taxpayers dollars on (idealistic projects) and/or (entertainment) for the spouses of our presidents is wrong.

We pay the individual that we elect to the office of President of the United States $400,000 a year.

Which would equate to ten years earnings for me when I was in the workforce. Although the company that I worked for was broad-minded and generous in its relationship with its employees, “they” (did not) ..pick up the tab for my wife and my family to vacation in Hawaii, ..Martha’s Vineyard, ..Aspen, ..Spain, ..or Africa.


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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