Sharing the load..

Although America (is) by tradition, ..and by “legislation” ..a nation “established” our founding fathers, be free of tyranny, ..where a man, ..and/or (legislatively) ..a woman has an equal (at least in theory) opportunity to compete for the American dream.

We, “or,” least those of us with (common sense,) ..know and understand that although the “American Dream” is alive and well, ..and available, is only “available” to those with the (ambition and fortitude) to obtain it.


Or at least that’s what the grinning idealistic (left wing) “Post Turtle,” currently serving as our Commander in Chief wants “us” to believe.



This man is every bit as much a “burden” (or more correctly) “more” of a “burden” on America than the gentleman in the preceding image.

We, “we the people,” ..are (in fact) ..picking up the tab for both of these individuals. The first of course, ..I personally have no problem with, to my knowledge “he doesn’t” spend a million taxpayer dollars every time he crosses the street. He hasn’t played a hundred rounds of golf on the Nation’s dime. He didn’t publicly embarrass America by explicating that he believes that a Cincinnati police officer behaved “stupidly” for performing his duty…


According to Webster: du·ty,  An act or a course of action that is required of one by position, social custom, or law.


Soup kitchen Sam, (most likely for no other reason) than he is not an aggressive individual, ..has become a (burden) on society, ..and I can accept that. I have never eaten in a soup kitchen, ..however I have been (without) the price of a meal more times in my life than I care to reflect on.

Accordingly, in my adult life, or more correctly, during my life in the workforce, and even today (scraping by) on my Social Security, (the negligible part that remains after sixty years of (dipping) by those “we” pay to manage the fund.

(Note) Social Security is a fund created by the contributions of people who “work.” Social Security is not an entitlement.

According to Webster: con·tri·bu·tion, (in context) A payment exacted for a special purpose.

According to Webster: en·ti“tle·ment,  (in context) To furnish; a handout. – welfare.


When it is within my purview, I will not see another human being go hungry.

Of course with that said, I would like to clarify that I am not inviting the world to breakfast tomorrow morning.

America is not simply a great country because we have a Constitution that guarantees us opportunities and freedoms offered by no other country on the planet. America is not a great country because we have the right to vote.

America is a great country because although each of “us,” its (three hundred and eleven million) residents, ..that generally interact with fewer than twenty people outside of our own domain. When America is threatened, ..we, “We the People” have always joined together to overcome the threat.

Barack Obama did stand before this nation on television and announce that he believed that the Cincinnati police officer who performed his sworn duty to uphold the law, “behaved stupidly,” ..when he, ..(the police officer) ..was confronted by,  (not) ..simply an “unhappy citizen,” ..but an “unhappy” (black) citizen.

According to Webster: black, (in context) Being of the color black, producing or reflecting comparatively little light and having no predominant hue.

So there you go, is a color, is not a race of people, ..nor is black a licensed to stand on a soapbox and explicate what you are entitled to.

There are African-Americans in America, ..albeit there are no African-Americans in America that were born in America.


Charlize Theron – (A real African-American)

People fortunate enough to be born in America, ..are Americans, ..regardless of their lineage.

Barack Obama, has indeed, (according to most every news outlet in this nation) ..played “One Hundred” rounds of golf on the nation’s dime.


 President Barack Obama. 

So what has our current President and Commander-in-Chief provided America?

Has Barack Obama brought the country “closer together” as he promised during his campaign? …NO!

Has Barack Obama “created jobs or lowered unemployment” as he promised during his campaign? …NO!

Has Barack Obama “reduced our national debt by half” as he promised during his campaign? …NO!

Has Barack Obama “closed” the military detention center at Guantánamo Bay as he promised during his campaign? …NO!

Is Barack Obama a man that “one of America’s oldest allies” “Israel” ..can depend on as he promised during his campaign, ..if Israel is attacked by Iran? ..or another (out of control) middle Eastern nation? …I have my opinion, ..what’s yours?


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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