Honor, Devotion, ..and Respect..

According to Webster: hon·or,  (in context) A code of integrity, dignity, and pride,

According to Webster: de·vo·tion, (in context) Ardent, often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or an event.

According to Webster: re·spect, (in context) To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem.

Qualities that, ..(at least in my opinion) .. Our current commander-in-chief Barack Obama seems to believe that he deserves because he is the current commander-in-chief, i.e., a.k.a. (POTUS) President of the United States.

Although it goes without saying, ..since (my name) ..is not among the forty-four men, ..who if, ..(by no other measure) than the act of a pencil mark on a piece of paper, ..or a strategically placed hole in the same, ..who have been elected to serve as this Nation as “President of the United States” ..since this Nation became a sovereign Nation.

Not that who? ..or who “has not” been the President of the United States over the past 236 years has anything to do with my concern this morning.

My concern this morning, (with our nation circling the drain,) is why would anyone with the “common sense” that God gave a duckbilled platypus, ..think that spending from twenty-six to fifty-nine dollars for a gallon of an alternative (biofuel) to power America’s Military aircraft is a good idea?

Barack Obama is a “wrongheaded ideologue” ..(hell bent) on returning America to a monarchy and a nanny state where the population is dependent on, ..and beholding to a King, ..a King named Barack.


It’s good to be King.



The truth is what I (and MSNBC) say it is…

Principles, ..and ethics, ..are for fools. 

 ..the treasury belongs to the King. 

In the news;

The Navy spent $26 a gallon for biofuels for this week’s Great Green Fleet demonstration, while the Air Force spent twice as much per gallon to test synthetic jet fuel last month.

The Air Force bought 11,000 gallons of alcohol-to-jet fuel from Gevo Inc, a Colorado biofuels company, at $59 a gallon in a program aimed at proving that new alternative fuels can be used reliably in military aircraft – once, that is, their pricing is competitive with petroleum, which now costs $3.60 a gallon.

The cost of the Air Force demonstration, ..at $639,000, ..was far less eye-catching than the $12 million the Navy spent for biofuels to power a carrier strike group on alternative energy for a day.

All part of the Pentagon push, which has escalated under the administration of President Barack Obama, to adopt green solutions to rising fuel costs.

(sidebar) Don’t they have a math department at Columbia and Harvard?

Albeit I had less than a fondness for math in high school, I did come by enough arithmetic to understand that $59 a gallon is more than $3.60 a gallon, ..which by (my math skills) ..is not a savings, ..or at least it’s not a savings that I can afford.


Some Republican lawmakers have criticized the high price-per-gallon paid by the Navy as wasteful Pentagon spending at a time of significant budget cuts and a shrinking fleet.

Which, (at least in my considered opinion,) ..places Barack Obama’s (wrongheaded) obsession with green energy right up there with his idealistic (Patient Protection and Affordable Care act) a.k.a. “Obamacare.”

Question: How many “Solyndras” do you think it’s going to take before (the American taxpayers) get it?

Green energy is a joke, ..albeit, ..it is not a funny joke. When the men and women who support the government with their tax dollars cannot afford the products and services invested in by their government, it isn’t rocket science to understand that these products have (less) than no value.

Nor is it “rocket science” to (understand) that keeping Barack Obama in the Oval Office has (less) than no value.


 With the people’s help, ..America can survive!

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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