Freedom or Not?

According to Webster: free·dom,  (in context) The capacity to exercise choice; free will.


I receive an immense amount of e-mail from more sources than I have fingers and toes. 

(Visual example of fingers and toes) 

Some are appreciated, ..and of course some are not! Which of course, (for my part) a completely subjective point of view.

According to Webster: sub·jec·tive, (in context) Particular to a given person; personal.

Example: I love America, ..albeit I am not at all fond of “our” current commander-in-chief.

Anyway, ..back on track…



The (forward,) ..and/or (junk e-mail) that caught my attention above all others this week was one entitled: “44 Cent Stamp Forever.”

Not because I’m a stamp collector, although I did collect stamps at one time in my childhood. Nor was it because I use the U.S. Post Office to satisfy the Lion’s share of my monthly obligations.

Although I entrust cyberspace to transport my thoughts and my opinions, I have not yet come to trust the (www) with my money. (Old Guy – Old School)

The (forward,) and/or (junk e-mail,) ..presented the (case) ..that “due to the fact,” ..that (Islam, and/or a fraction of Islam) currently prosecuting a jihad, ..and/or, a (holy war) ..against the west, ..and western culture, include America, ..that we, i.e., Americans, should boycott, and or, (not purchase) any of the stamps commemorating Islamic holidays.

Which of course, I personally have no problem, as America is a free country.

Question: Alluding to the same philosophy, should an American citizen who prays to Allah, (boycott,) and/or (not purchase) a postage stamp designed with the image of an American flag, ..or the Easter Bunny, ..or a Christmas tree?

What about people who don’t like birds, or flowers, or trains, or planes, ..come on people, it’s a damn postage stamp, get your heads out of your armpits, America is going to hell in a hand-basket, ..and the best you can do is attack a postage stamp?

If you want to attack (something,) ..(at least in my opinion) attack (them,) and/or (those) who are (responsible). Which, (at least in this country) ..more often than not, (currently) the Obama administration.

Personally, I love attacking the Obama administration, I’ve damn near made a career out of it. I don’t like Barack Obama and I don’t like his wife. I don’t like Valerie Jarrett or Kathleen Sibelius. I don’t like Eric holder or Steven Chu, ..fact is, ..I can’t think of anyone in Barack Obama’s cabinet that I do like…

I am an old-school conservatives, ..I believe the old adage, ..(if it ain’t broke don’t fix it).

I don’t believe in robbing Peter to pay Paul, ..and I sure as hell don’t believe in accruing debt beyond the ability of the generation that created the debt to pay it off.

I don’t believe in trade agreements that create employment in other countries, ..while America’s labor force is sitting on its hands.

In short, ..I don’t believe in big government, ..nor did “our” founding fathers when they penned the Constitution.

America is, ..and has been since its “inception,” (under the auspices of “our” Constitution) ..the freest Nation on the planet Earth. That’s why, ..(at least in my opinion) ..everyone wants to live here.

(Sidebar) With the possible exception of Barack Obama, his significant other, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett, Eric holder, Steven Chu, Kathleen Sibelius (who have all proven that “they” want to “change” our Constitution to suit their agenda).


Question: So where is the intellect, ..and/or (common sense) that justifies an individual or a group of individuals coming to America to destroy the freedom that it offers?


A better Question: If a man or a woman wants to live under socialism and/or communism, and/or tyranny? ..what the hell are they doing in America?

For (Barack Obama and his family) ..and (anyone) his administration that missed reading the, ..i.e., (my Blog), which I offered a solution to their plight, ..I am again offering “the list” (free of charge) ..of “Countries and Nations” ..that I believe “they” (America’s wrongheaded progressive liberals) would be more “at home” in.

Current list of Socialist States espousing Communism:

Current Countries and Nations…

People’s Republic of China.

Republic of Cuba.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Incorporated into the Soviet Union…

Socialist Soviet Republic of Abkhazia.

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

Bukharan People’s Soviet Republic.

Socialist Soviet Republic of Byelorussia

Far Eastern Republic.

Finished Democratic Republic.

Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia.

Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic.

Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic.

Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic.

Tuvan People’s Republic.

Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic.

Self-proclaimed Socialist States…

People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

Portuguese Republic.

Current Socialist Republics…

Republic of India.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

United Republic of Tanzania.

(Sidebar,) Twenty-five of the twenty-seven countries above; (identifying themselves as socialist countries) ..have the word “Republic” in their name.

According to Webster: re·pub·lic, ..

1. A political order whose head of state (is not) a monarch.

2. A political order in which the (supreme power) ..lies in (a body of citizens) ..who (are entitled to vote) ..for (officers and representatives) “responsible” to them, ..(the people).



So there is no shortage of destinations on the planet for anyone who wishes to live within the parameters of socialism and tyranny.


However, ..for those that wish to live in a (completely) free country, ..there is only one choice.

Come November 6th., ..allude to your God-given “Common Sense,” ..cast your “Vote” for (NOT OBAMA) ..and lets keep it that way!

Don’t be Stupid, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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