According to Webster: o·ri·en·ta·tion, (in context) The direction followed in the course of a trend, movement, or development; a tendency of thought; as in; Marxist orientation. b. Sexual orientation.

Question: What is Barack Obama’s orientation?

(Sidebar) But first some ground rules…

As I could (personally) care less about Barack Obama’s sexual orientation, ..we’ll take that off the table.

As to Barack Obama’s (political orientation,) ..since I am a dedicated (pedal to the metal) conservative American, ..for the purpose of this “offering,” ..I’d like you to consider his (political orientation) ..as the “Candelabra” ..and/or centerpiece.


According to Webster: ob·jec·tive (in context) Having actual existence or reality.

According to Webster: sub·jec·tive, (in context)  Existing only in the mind; illusory.

With the definition of the two preceding words in mind and understood, ..I now invite you to spend the next 9 minutes and 24 seconds viewing a (YouTube) video that I personally believe every American should view prior to the presidential election on November 6th. of this year.

A video that I have, ..for (my purpose,) entitled;


Thank you for your participation, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Crusader Rabbit…

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