Irony Personified..

Irony (from the Ancient Greek εἰρωνεία eirōneía, meaning dissimulation or feigned ignorance) is a “rhetorical device,” (literary technique,) or situation in which there is a sharp incongruity or discordance that goes beyond the simple and evident intention of words or actions.

There is presently no accepted method for textually indicating irony, though an “irony (punctuation) mark” has been proposed. In the 1580’s Henry Denham introduced a rhetorical question mark or percontation point which looks like a reversed question mark. This mark was also proposed by the French poet Marcel Bernhardt at the end of the 19th century to indicate irony or sarcasm.

Irony punctuation mark.

Ironic statements (verbal irony) are statements that imply a meaning in opposition to their literal meaning. A situation is often said to be ironic (situational irony) if the actions taken have an effect exactly opposite from what was intended. The discordance of verbal irony may be deliberately created as a means of communication (as in art or rhetoric). Descriptions or depictions of situational irony, whether in fiction or in non-fiction, serves the communicative function of sharpening or highlighting certain discordant features of reality. Verbal and situational irony are often used for emphasis in the assertion of a truth. The ironic form of (simile,) used in (sarcasm,) and some forms of (litotes) emphasize one’s meaning by the deliberate use of language which states the opposite of the truth — or drastically and obviously understates a factual connection.

According to Webster: sim·i·le, (in context) A figure of speech in which two essentially unlike things are compared, often in a phrase introduced by like or as, as in;

According to Webster: sar·casm, (in context) A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.

According to Webster: li·to·tes, (in context) A figure of speech consisting of an understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by negating its opposite, as in; 




In dramatic irony, the author causes a character to speak or act erroneously, out of ignorance of some portion of the truth of which the audience is aware. In other words, the audience knows the “character” (for my purpose this morning) “Nancy Pelosi” is making a mistake, even as the character is making it. This technique highlights the importance of a particular truth by portraying a person who is strikingly unaware of it. (Source, Wikipedia).

(Sidebar) In selecting the image above, I Googled; (images of Nancy Pelosi) ..afterwhich, in (an effort) to possibly find a (more appropriate) image, I Googled; (images of Nancy Pelosi looking clueless) ..and Google provided me with the exact same pictures. (Ironic? decide?)


Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi although currently the minority leader in the House of Representatives, she also represents California’s Eighth Congressional District. Population, 666,827, (male) 341,151, and /or (51.2% of the electorate). (female) 325,676, and/or (48.8% of the electorate).

Although I could elaborate and break the population down into their ethnic groups, there would be no purpose,;

Everyone in San Francisco is beyond redemption.

California’s Eighth Congressional District encompasses 113.6 mi.² and Ten Zip Codes.

(Sidebar) Simply as a curiosity, since the eighth district boundaries depict, (at least in my estimation) approximately 50% of the district as ocean or San Francisco Bay, I can’t help but wonder if Nancy also represents the apportioned aquatic life in the district?

..and if she does? Does Nancy have the same taste for aquatic life, ..that she has for conservatives? 


Moving on…

..ah, ..what the hell, long as I’m serving food for thought, taste this question; ..

If Barack H. Obama, (God forbid) is reelected in November, and the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” is fully implemented, (whatever that might be?) ..and your job goes to China, India, Pakistan, ..(or somewhere else?) ..because China, India, Pakistan, ..(and somewhere else) don’t have a (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) “dissuade” employers from hiring and entrepreneurs from “creating” new jobs, ..”Wacha gonna do?”


With no jobs in America, ..(there will be no taxes) paid. With no taxes paid, ..(there will be no money) in the federal coffer, i.e., ..treasury, ..with no money in the federal treasury, (there will be no “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ..i.e., “Obamacare.” ..or welfare, ..or food stamps, ..or any ederal (free to the disenfranchised) programs of any description.

Matter of fact, if you have the capacity, ..and/or, (common sense) ponder beyond (now and November), ..America without capitalism will be an America without freedom, and an America without freedom, ..will not be America.

Of course, ..looking on the bright side, ..without capitalism, (jobs) ..and commerce, (corporate profits) tax, ..there will be no politicians, ..(they) ..“the self aggrandized elite,” ..will fade like an Earl Scheib paint job in the noon day sun, ..because there will be no (cornucopia of cash) to entice their self-indulgent black souls.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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