Is there an answer?

As an American citizen concerned for the well-being and future of America, I find both the deception and the confusion about Islam’s agenda in America unsettling.

Inalienable truth; America is a Judeo-Christian country.


According to Webster: in·al·ien·a·ble, That, that cannot be transferred to another or others.

Question: What do Muslims want?



If you follow the daily, weekly and monthly news concerning the unrest around the world it isn’t rocket science to come to the conclusion that Muslims are unhappy.

Muslims are unhappy in Israel

Muslims are unhappy in Egypt.

Muslims are unhappy in Libya.

Muslims are unhappy in Morocco.

Muslims are unhappy in Iran.

Muslims are unhappy in Iraq.

Muslims are unhappy in Yemen.

Muslims are unhappy in Afghanistan.

Muslims are unhappy in Pakistan.

Muslims are unhappy in Syria.

..and Muslims are unhappy in Lebanon.

Question: Is there anywhere where Muslims are happy?

Muslims are happy in Australia.

Muslims are happy in Canada.

Muslims are happy in England.

Muslims are happy in France.

Muslims are happy in Italy.

Muslims are happy in Germany.

Muslims are happy in Sweden.

Muslims are happy in Norway.

Muslims are happy in Holland.

Muslims are happy in Denmark.

..and of course Muslims are happy in America.

Accordingly, (at least in my perception) Muslims are happy in every country that is (not) a Muslim country, ..and seemingly unhappy in every country that is.

Question: Who do Muslims blame for their unhappiness?

Not Islam.

Not their leadership.

..and not themselves.

Then; They want to change those countries to be like the country they came from where they were unhappy!

Unfortunately, at least in my opinion…


The answer my friend, blowing in the wind.

Think about that, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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