Race Card..

Question: (very serious question) Do you, ..or anyone you know believe that Barack Obama would be President of the United States if he were a white man?

According to Webster: ex·pe·ri·ence, (in context) Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge and skill.

Think about it, how many men in the history of the United States have become commander-in-chief without a resume that encompasses a minimum of two decades of appreciated public service? With (appreciated,) ..of course, ..being the operative word in my narrative.

Or maybe a more enlightening example would be to allow that because “Pee-wee Herman” had two hands, ..he was qualified to step in the ring with Mohamed Ali and compete for his title.  

No matter how wonderful an individual is, or may think he or she is, ..reality, (at least in my world) ..dictates that you can’t bake an eatable Apple Pie with either (immature) or (rancid) apples.

Accordingly, (at least in my opinion,) when you start with an immature apple from a rancid tree, ..you’ve got big trouble.

Admittedly, I’ve never been a community organizer, ..or a State or Federal Senator, ..albeit I did spend forty-six years earning an honest living in this country. A country, which by the way, I “served” ..by wearing a pair of Government issue combat boots in the Republic of South Vietnam (1965) ..or around the same time as our wimpy anti-American (Marxist socialist) ..current “Commander-in-Chief, (according to his own book) ..was experimenting with marijuana and cocaine to discover who he was?

The card that I had in my pocket was a Geneva Convention (capture card,) issued to me and my brothers in arms in the (very real) event that we became guests of our adversaries. Not that anyone actually expected a (2 ¼” X 3 5/8”) piece of paper to protect them if they found themselves subject to the wrath of a person or persons whose philosophy and ideology was totally opposite of the ideology and philosophy of a card carrying American. Nevertheless, it was a requirement to carry the card, so we carried it.

We, the collective we, do a lot of things in our lives because we, or at least most of us are programmed by the significant or responsible adults, a.k.a. parents in our lives.

The only card my father had, was a union card which he used to support his family.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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