According to Webster: con·sid·er·a·tion, Careful thought; concern for others; solicitude.




As an individual with a good bit of history in the bank, (it is my considered opinion,) ..that an individual (man or woman) without consideration for others, (in fact) the end, individual without consideration for themselves.

Albeit, the time that it takes for an inconsiderate person to conclude that they are inconsiderate, ..suffering, loss and damage can be earth shattering.

(Personal observation) I believe that I am and have been throughout my life (as concerned as anyone) ..for the well-being of children, ..especially in the arena of providing a foundation to pursue the American dream, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Which of course includes providing an adequate education and adequate opportunities.

However, with that said, I believe just as strongly that there comes a time when a child must step up and understand that there are things in life more important than himself.

A child at some point must learn to share.

As a child, (at least in my humble opinion) ..that is incapable of sharing, ..will ultimately end up alone.

Consequently, ..speaking now to the (rank-and-file) common sense conservative population of America, ..if we (join together) ..on this coming November 6, ..we, (the collective we) ..can send Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama senior’s (incorrigible and destructive) child “Barack Junior,” ..back to Chicago, ..sooner rather than later. 


Because after (consideration) of our current “inconsiderate” Commander-in-Chief’s record on (useful) accomplishments to this point, (to include playing more than 100 rounds of golf on the taxpayers dime,) is my considered conclusion that he is no longer worthy of America’s consideration.


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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