EXTRA, ..EXTRA, ..read all about it!

According to Webster: ex·tra, More than or beyond what is usual, normal, or expected.

Moments ago, (at approximately 10:01 AM “EST” on Thursday, July 28, 2012) ..it was announced, (albeit with differing enthusiasm) ..by every “major news outlet” in America that the members of (our) “Supreme Court,” (at least in this writers opinion) ..are as (corrupt and anti-American) ..as “our” current Commander-in-Chief, ..and a good, ..and/or (the worthless) half of “our” public employee in the federal government.

Accordingly, “We the People” have only one shot left at rescuing America from Barack Obama and “Obamacare.” We, ..at least to those of us with (God-given common sense) ..and a dedication to this country. There is no other choice, ..we, (we the people,) the “rank-and-file” (must) exercise our right to vote in November and vote to “evict” Barack Obama from the White House.


I “am” the Greatest!

Take a deep breath, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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