Answer of the Day, ..again!

A week or so ago I was audience to a television production concerning the human brain and how it perceives or fails to perceive what our eyes see or fail to see.     


According to Webster: per·cep·tion, The process, act, or faculty of perceiving.

As I am (fortunately) accruing more readers by the day, ..and more “positive” comments, I’m taking today to explicate how much I appreciate your participation and thank you all from the depths of my existence.

Of course, I could have simply said; “From the bottom of my heart.” ..but then, ..what fun would that have been?

As I have stated on at least, (several occasions) ..words are fun, ..and communicating is a blast.

I don’t know about you, ..albeit I’m quite pleased with my “segue” leading up to the explanation for the title of today’s offering.

According to Webster: se·gue, To move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another.

Of course by interrupting the flow to define “segue” I have (in effect,) ..destroyed the effect.

(Sidebar) Albeit as my association, familiarity and use of  words is occasionally reported back to me, seen to be an endeavor in overkill…

According to Webster: o·ver·kill, (in context) An excess of what is necessary or appropriate for a particular end. only excuse is; “I gotta be me.”





According to Webster: pro·fun·di·ty, 1. Great depth. 2. Depth of intellect, feeling, or meaning. 3. Something profound or abstruse.

I’m still getting approximately (twice) inquiries every month concerning my choice of… my trademark, ..and/or, ..the name of my Website.

Therefore, once again; …

“Once upon a time,” there was an old man, (retired from the world of clock punching and weekly paychecks). There was nothing particularly special about this old man, (at least there nothing special about him for a (staunchly) ..set in his ways “conservative individual” ..who enjoys hunting, fishing, ..and grumbling about the state of the nation).

One morning, while the old man, was explicating with one of his younger brothers via the technology provided to the world by Alexander Graham Bell. They (the old man and his younger brother) were debating current events to include the competition between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic nod to challenge Republican candidate for the Oval Office.

Of course as the old man, was an (old) man, he held to the traditional belief of conservative (old men) that America was not ready for a black man in the White House. (The old man was wrong) Albeit he was not yet aware of that fact, he stalwartly held to the belief that Hillary Rodham Clinton was a shoe in.

Not that the old man is a sore loser in any way shape or form, the old man, (at least in his own mind) believes himself to be fair. Which of course by (no stretch) ..of the imagination is to suggest that the old man is not impartial.

According to Webster: fair, Just to all parties; equitable.

According to Webster: im·par·tial, Not partial or biased; unprejudiced.

(Sidebar) …

A “Distinction Without a Difference”  Is a (fallacy) attempting to defend an action or point of view as “different” from some other with which it is allegedly (confused) by means of a very careful distinction of language, when in reality the action or position defended is not different in substance from the one from which it is linguistically distinguished. (Source 

Question: Who said that I don’t understand politics?


Question: Am I having fun today? You bet your sweet “bipi” I am.

Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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