As always, I can’t speak for the rest of the world, ..albeit the way I see it, ..Americans, (at least those of us who haven’t, ..and don’t intend to, ..drink “the Obama Kool-Aid,” ..we have the opportunity this coming November to (change) America back to its former glorious “respectable” self by casting our (Constitutionally guaranteed) vote to send Barack Obama packing.

I used to give Barack Obama the (benefit of the doubt,) “wanting to believe” ..that (no one) raised in a Nation that provided (them) with (their) diapers as a toddler, (their) education in (their) formative years, ..and (their trust) lead that Nation in 2008, ..would, ..or could, so against the “foundation” and “ideal” of America as he has proven himself to me to be.

Please bear with me, ..because I may not get this next narrative word for word? Albeit to the best of my recollection, when the network and cable talking heads began relating early on Monday morning, i.e., “yesterday”  ..that the Supreme Court of these United States ruled that a police officer in Arizona “could” (constitutionally) ..inquire into an individual’s immigration status, ..however, ..with that said, ..their ruling also included that the individual (if indeed in the country illegally) ..could not be detained or arrested for simply being in the country illegally, ..the individual, (he or she,) ..according to the Supreme Court’s ruling as I have been led to understand it, ..could not be detained or arrested unless they had committed a crime other than committing the crime of entering the country illegally. (And these individuals,) ..our Supreme Court justices, ..want us, “We the People.” believe that they are supreme.

Statement; (at least in my personal opinion) ..someone in this mix is definitely nuts. Are we, “We the People,” of the United States of America (as it so eloquently declares in the preamble) ..of “our” Constitution, ..are we crazy? Are we going to stand by and watch an “Amateur” (eloquent and well-meaning as Barack Obama might be in his own mind,) ..he is in no way shape or form, ..capable of anything beyond campaigning. America does not need a candidate for president, America needs a president, ..on the job training might be adequate for an individual flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, ..albeit it is not suitable for the commander-in-chief of the greatest nation on the planet.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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