It’s good to be Black, ..and it’s good to be King.

According to Webster: mon·arch, (in liberal context) One who reigns over a state or territory; the sole and absolute ruler.

For those of you, (Caucasian) American citizens, (with or without a college education) ..that don’t quite understand the ethnic demographic of America, ..or (your) history.

Black or African-American; (12.6%)

Hispanic or Latino; (16.3%)

White or Caucasian; (72.4%) (Source Wikipedia)

Question: Why is the political narrative in America predominantly aimed at catering to minorities?

Sample, ..because “minorities” are organized, ..while the majority of Americans, ..i.e., (Whites or Caucasians) are (disorganized,) ..(disconnected,) ..and for the most part, (disinterested in their heritage) ..and politics, ..because even the most “disenfranchised” Caucasian, i.e., “white kids,” ..have a laptop, iPad, iPhone, ..or at a minimum, ..a cell phone.

White or Caucasian Americans are pampered with platitudes and brainwashed from birth to believe that life is a bowl of cherries, while most minority children in America, ..and “most everywhere else in the world” are indoctrinated with doom and gloom.

Accordingly, the majority of white or Caucasian adults in America believe that government is “an annoyance,” (a necessary evil) it were? A burden, (Income taxes) that they don’t enjoy spending a lot of time thinking about.

In my house, (affirmative action) was silly, “unnecessary” (even an embarrassment,) father taught his children to work, be self-reliant.

Further, I see absolutely no benefit to me as an American citizen to (accept a philosophy) that “excuses” (breaking the law) ..simply because of the volume of men and women breaking the law is astronomical.

If a man or a woman walks into a Walmart store and helps themselves to an item of merchandise without paying for it, is, ..and has (always) been my understanding throughout my life, ..that (those) individuals are subject to arrest and prosecution.

So my question is; “If ten or a twenty thousand men and women walked into a Walmart store and all help themselves to an item of merchandise without paying for it, ..are (they) subject to arrest and prosecution?

A better question: if a man wakes up one morning and decides unilaterally that he now has a “constitutional” power that he did not have last year, ..or he decides unilaterally that he suddenly has the power to override the Congress of the United States by placing his name on a piece of paper, that man fit to be the President of the United States? 

We, ..the (collective “white” we) ..that reside in America today, ..need to come to terms with the fact that “we,” (the collective “white” we) ..are now living in the 21st-century, ..and that “we,” (the collective “white” we,) ..of the “21st-century” ..are in (no way shape or form) responsible for the fact that black men and women were rounded up in Africa, transported to America, beginning in 1619 when the first African men and women were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown Virginia, ..and “it” ..(slaver) ..continuing in America until (then) President Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation in 1865.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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