Rich Man, poor man, beggar man, ..thief..

Probably the most quoted line from Tinker tailor…


Question: Who is Tinker tailor?

“Tinker Tailor” is a counting game, nursery rhyme and fortune telling song traditionally played in England, that can be used to count cherry stones, buttons, daisy petals and other items. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 802. Its American version is commonly used by children for “counting out,” e.g. for choosing who shall be “It” in a game of tag. (Source Wikipedia)

While the rank-and-file in America, (working class) taxpayer, continues to decline, ..the wealthy and the elite continue to thrive.

Professional Thrivers 

According to the “Normal Rockwell” version of our current Commander-in-Chief, (the private sector is doing fine). 

According to America’s current crop of talking heads, and/or (teleprompter reading buffoons,) Barack Obama is oblivious when it comes to the private sector.

According to Webster: o·bliv·i·ous, (in context) Lacking conscious awareness; unmindful.

As usual, “at least in my humble opinion,” the (news media) i.e., ..the (liberal news media) incorrect via their proclivity for fiction superseding truth.

Not that I clash with fiction, or creative imagination, ..hell, I enjoy Disneyland and Mother Goose as much as anyone.

Nevertheless, in the (real world,) “Washington D.C.” not the Magic Kingdom and the Obama’s are not Ozzie and Harriet.


As a conservative, if I were charged with the responsibility of selecting Barack and Michelle’s “Toontown” counterparts, I’d have to go with Boris and Natasha.

Under the thumb of the Obama administration, America has transitioned from…

..a melting pot, sinkhole with no light at the end of the tunnel in three and a half years. 

If we, “We the People,” ..the descendents of the (pioneers and entrepreneurs) ..that settled and established this great nation, ..had the (capacity) see this nation as the Native Americans that we, ..the “descendents of the people,” that (appropriated) this nation, i.e., (conquered and reassigned) ownership, “themselves,” ..a “Grand Tradition” ..among Homo sapiens.

(Sidebar) Please Note: “I chose to use the adjective “grand” to precede (tradition) instead of (proud).

The Earth is, ..or “at least it should be,” anyone with half the “common sense” that God gave a honeybee, ..a priority above self, ..greed, ..and bigotry.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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